Wednesday, June 08, 2005

der_pacemaker #32

I only started walking after 2 years old. My parentsthought I was defected in the walking department.Obviously they panicked. Normally babies start tocrawl and walk by 15-19 months. I had to wait 24freaking months to start walking.

I never had a thing for running when I was young. Myparents would take us (my sister and I) jogging and I loathed it. It was such a chore. I would rather watchcartoons.

Even during school days, whenever there were PElessons, I would rather play cricket or some othercontact sports rather than run.

I supposed the running bug bit when I was working andjoined a gym (for the fun of it). Since my idea ofjoining a gym was for health and not to bulk up, I dida lot of anaerobic and endurance training on thetreadmill, stationary bicycle and stair-master. Then Istarted jogging and running on the tarmac and Idiscovered PaceSetters. I joined the club and startedto train seriously.

KLIM 2001 ½ marathon was the first major running eventI ventured into. I completed the race around 2 hours20 minutes. My first ever medal and that started theball rolling of a new hobby; collecting medals.

Initially, I joined many races to obtain experiencesimply because I will never find myself in the top 30for the medals. I have run a number of ½ marathons and10km races. Many friends have urged me to join thefull marathon couple of years back but I knew I wasnot ready for it. I was constantly teased for notrunning a full marathon and calling myself a runner.

Reason being I did not want to “just complete” themarathon by the stipulated time given, I wanted to domore. I set a sub-5 hours target. I completed mymaiden KLIM 2005 in 4 hours 49 minutes. I was veryhappy and in many levels proud of this achievement.

I do racewalking as well. Surprised? Well, I surprisemyself sometimes. I have joined the Malay Mail BigWalk a couple of times for the 10km walk and went homeempty handed. Last year (2004) I braved myself to signup for the 20km walk. My target was at least get thefinisher medal. Astonishingly, I managed to obtain21st position for the Men National Open. Seriously, Idid not expect that. My biggest achievement so far(besides completing the full marathon).

Running is more than just a hobby to me now, it is alifestyle I have adopted and is some what etched intomy routine. Another thing is that I am at my happiestwhen I see my medal collection burgeoning every year.

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Pictures was taken @ Olympic Day Run 2004

Brought 2u Kevin Chow @ PM32

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