Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Why I'm Proud To Be A PM

I met Ronnie thru Jamie about a year ago. If I remember correctly, the first time we met was at KLCC KFC for lunch. His reputation (fast, funny and humble runner) preceded him. Some other fast runners were also there. They were all discussing about running and especially about how to run faster. Most of the time I was listening as there was not much I knew about running then. To my surprise and happiness, Jamie pop the question to Ronnie. 'Can include Newton as PaceMaker ah?'.

Another big pleasant surprise was the reply from Ronnie. 'No problem. Wat number u wan.'. Wow not only his response was non-hesitant but can choose number also! Being Chinese, I chose 18 since it was still available. And that was that, I was PM18! No questions asked. Zero, nil, zilch. I felt moved as both Jamie and Ronnie did not judge me by my running ability. They just wanted people to run. Or maybe they wanted a slow sidekick but I don't think so. I am glad and honoured to be PM18. Thanks to Jamie and Ronnie.

The PAR (PaceMakers Anniversary Run) is proof that PaceMakers and friends are a wonderful and helpful bunch. We had a good goody bag, more than enough water at water station, nice trophy, reliable luggage control, wonderful photographers, encouraging volunteers and etc. From the list you can see that the run was very well organized and the atmosphere was happy and fun. Probably that is why quite a number ran their personal best on that day! Thanks to PM1 for forming PaceMakers and also to all that made this wonderful run possible!

Brought to you by PM18 (who was crying when typing this)

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