Monday, July 04, 2005

My 1st Ever Kan Kor Half Marathon! $%&#@*!!!

(Kan Kor = Susah).

WHY #1?
I think heavy workout at gym on friday lah, such as Angkat Besi, Cycling n Swimming.

WHY #2?
I register for 10k on der net. TNS! Too many of my name on der online register list. Making der organiser so confuse, at d end i hv to run der 21km. Next time, register ur name correctly, dont play play. I hv so many names at der list, such
as, "PM1 der Great Ronnie See", "Ronnie Arumugan See", "Ronnie See" n etc... Very sorry to Chen Fong Fong for not pacing wit him on der 10km. I think Fong Fong should know why by now liao.

WHY #3?
My last wks traning is more focus on 10k, i dont hv any preparation on der 21k. Dat mean, i run my 21k without a proper training. TNS again!!

WHY #4?
Walk too much during der whole satuday morning thru nite, making my leg so tired to run.

WHY #5?
I run der 1st 10k at only 85% n sumore feeling very gut. N my 10k timing was 43:52s. I hv a feeling dat if keep on thru dis pace for another 11km, maybe i can PR's! After 15km, can feel der tiredness liao. I even stop for stretching for a while, der knee pain oso come n visit me again. After 19km, i feel like want to walk oredi. Coz my whole leg so keras like besi. Since i run der 21k last yrs, so very familiar wit der route to finishing. There was a big u-turn dat seem kenot reach wan! I saw dis malay runner, Abdul Aziz. Which i beat him at Subang Run wit 400m to go. So dis time happen der same thing again. Wit 1km to go, n he still lead on me. So i start to turbo kau-kau lat, until der 400m again. I potong sayur him again until der finishing line. I think der malay fella must be TNS kau-kau lat again. But i quickly go n shake his hand, n we be friend again. To my surprise, i manage to PR! So dat why dis 21km race is so kan kor to me!

A short brief on Saturday:
12:30 pm - der_pacemakers depart to Ipoh.
04:00 pm - collection bib n t-shirt at dataran ipoh.
07:30 pm - dinner at Lou Wong taugeh chicken rice.
09:00 pm - jalan jalan at parkson parade
10:00 pm - supper at kedai kopi cina
11:15 am - cicok cicok cicok!
12:00 am - Sleep

A short brief on Sunday:
05:30 am - wake up n pangsai
06:15 am - register
07:00 am - flag off
09:00 am - back to hotel to shower
10:00 am - dimsum at Yoke Fook Moon, mmmm... sedap!
10:45 am - makan tau foo fah
11:00 am - back to hotel, rest n cicok cicok cicok...
12:45 pm - check out
02:00 pm - lunch at bidor, recomand by jacky. eat wan tan mee!
05:00 pm - safely reach home

Result for Men Open 21km:
1hr 28m 37s - Khoo Yit Kiat (31st) *PR!*
1hr 34m 31s - Ronnie See (41st) *PR!*
1hr 34m 43s - Abdul Aziz (43rd)
1hr 37m 42s - Shine Teh (50th)
1hr 41m 18s - Kenny Tan (60th) *PR!*
1hr 47m 44s - Tey Eng Tiong (77th) *PR!*
1hr 48m 24s - Teoh Chun Ming (79th) *PR!*
1hr 52m 38s - Kelvin Ng (80th)
1hr 55m 03s - Kevin Chow (103rd)
2hr 00m 27s - Jason Lim (112th) *PR!*
2hr 00m 31s - Jacky Lo (117th)
2hr 05m **s - Ng Ping Loong (130th) *PR!*
2hr 05m **s - Hoo Ching Cheong (131th)
2hr 10m **s - Hoo Ching Tai (148th)
2hr 15m **s - Tan BoSe (162nd)
2hr 16m **s - Rohaizad (163rd)
2hr 17m **s - Ketam Batu (173rd)

Result for Men Jr Open 21km:
1hr 52m **s - Kenny Choo King Hoe (79th)

Result for Women Open 21km:
1hr 50m 47s - Yap Wai Mun (12th)
2hr 00m 43s - Becholi Chee (17th)
2hr 05m **s - ST Singapore (18th)

Result for Men Open 10km:
42m 12s - Thorsen Chen Fong Fong (37th)

Result for Women Open 10km:
1hr 08m 09s - Rachel Lee (37th)

Anyone who like so share their timing n position to posted on der blog. You are welcome!

My 21k time split:
03km - 0:00.00s > 12:42.14
04km - 4:20.84s > 17:02.98
05km - 4:24.10s > 21:27.08
06km - 4:42.16s > 26:09.24
07km - 4:31.20s > 30:40.44
08km - 4:24.67s > 35:05.11
09km - 4:50.87s > 39:55.68
10km - 3:57.07s > 43:52.75
11km - 4:43.07s > 48:35.82
12km - 4:45.02s > 53:20.84
13km - 4:09.75s > 57:30.59
14km - 4:28.81s > 1'01:59
15km - 4:36.60s > 1'06:36
16km - 4:39.52s > 1'11:15
17km - 4:35.99s > 1'15:51
18km - 4:38.00s > 1'20:29
19km - 4:38.04s > 1'25:07
21km - 9:23.60s > 1'34:31

Past Result:
2004 - 1hr 39m 34s (53rd)
2005 - 1hr 34m 31s (41st)

brought 2u by pm1

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