Tuesday, July 05, 2005

PM22 Broke His 3 Years Half Marathon PR!!!

I really enjoy my first ever Ipoh half marathon,not because I manage broke my 3 years PR in my half marathon(2002 PJ Half 1:48:43),but I so enjoy the nice food in Ipoh,and also met with a lot of running friends,from Pacesetter,Pacemaker and also friends from Singapore safra running club.

Since I decide to use Ipoh half as for my Melaka full marathon training,so just relax and enjoy the flat road.But I failed to achieve my main target sub 1:45,it exceed 2minutes 44 seconds,it is not easy to achieve sub 1:45 for me at the moment,but may be in future soon.

I decide to use 5minutes pace for all 21km,so,I control my self even I felt very relax and condition is not bad,keep cool,control my feeling of exciting.I as usual carry my Karrimor pouch which I put my new Canon A520 Digital Camera plus my wallet,but without drinking water or my secret powder water,it is light,easy for me to run.

After delay a few minutes,the race is start,I keep cool to follow my pace,after about 1km,saw Jason,CM and many,but since it was a race,I have no plan to chat with them,then I met with Kenny Tan,pace with him for a while,let him went as his pace is much faster than me.

Since 4km,every km have a mark,so,I control my pace very good,less than 5 minutes ,but after 9km,don't know why,may be I am not a kaki of pia attitude,I felt very relax,but it was not good for my 1:45 target.

One side story for you all,I met one chinese guy at about 8km,wah,make me felt pressure,lost about 3km concetration,cause he always buang air liur lah,the sound of 'OH.....PUI','OH.....PUI'..... behind me ,I think behind me 10metres,don't know why he didn't felt thirsty,when he try to potong my sayur,I look at him,he also paiseh,said sorry in cantonese,lucky at 11km,he puncit,sat down at roadside,he wear normal sock,not running sock,don't know how to respect other runner's feeling and also not so healthy lah !!

At about 18km,my target is still achieveable,off my target 1 minute 44 seconds,but think better for erase my PR is enough liao,so I still relax,but surprise after 20km U-Turn,saw a lot of familiar face,like CM,Yap WaiMun,Kenny Choo,So I decide to faster little my pace,just for keep distance with them and also aim for earse my half marathon PR.

After the run,I toke my DC to snap who ran behind me,but CM too close to me,don't have enough time to snap his pia foto,but manage for most runners who are run after 1:50.

My fail to achieve target 1:45,may be have some reason as below:

1.Saturday slept only for 3h30m,after fried rice plus one egg with PM1 couple and Jacky ,I slept at 11.00pm..but don't know why awake at 2.30am..try to slept,but can't.

2.My rest time only friday and saturday,may be my muscle don't have fully recover from training.

3.Don't have pia attitude,too relax,may be need to serious if really want to achieve target.

4.I ate only 2 tablets BEE POLLEN plus one glass of water,may be it is not enough for 21km,I think I need to eat roti also or some biscuit or POWER BAR as for my meal before the start of the race.

5.Most important,may be I must decide can't bring any DC or pouch during the run.

6.The water station don't have sport drink,may be I need to bring secret powder lah..hahaha !
My pace in IIR 2005:

Last,I want to thanks John snap my perfect foto near the finishing point !! Kam Siah Kau-Kau !!

brought 2u by pm22

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