Monday, August 15, 2005

der_pacemaker #36

First Name: Richard
Last Name: Habeya
Date of birth :11 /12/1985
Nationality : Ghana
occupation : student

h/p: 019-6341851

About me: May be people just think to be a star and to rise to glory can be done over night .I dont think so cos coming this far has thought me so many things in life one them ,that to be number 1 u have to work hard ,train hard then on that day of competion u go out there and perform well at ur best .

I may not be strong enough to take the first position in race but i got the heart to compete not matter how hard it is cos i was born to take challeges. Stay focus in what ever u are doing then u will see greatness. Be Strong Enough to take challeges.

Pacemaker 36 past history race:
18/09/04 1' 36m 00s [60th] PJ 1/2 Marathon - 21.1km
26/09/04 0' 32m 34s [28th] Simens Run - 7km
17/04/05 0' 45m 32s [48th] Rakan Cop 10km
15/05/05 0' 16m 53s [11th] Asthma Run 5km
22/05/05 1' 10m 07s [55th] Pacesetters 15km
29/05/05 0' 30m 10s [15th] Larian Bersama Bomba - 7km
26/06/05 0' 41m 28s [21st] Subang Jaya 10km Run
30/07/05 1' 29m 23s [33rd] Ipoh 1/2 Marathon
17/07/05 4' 07m 40s [00th] Melaka Full Marathon 42.2k
24/07/05 0' 43m 28s [18th] Power 10km Run
31/07/05 0' 39m 48s [31st] Klang 10km Run
17/08/05 0' 42m 40s [08th] Larian Hari Penngguna 10km


brought 2u by pacemaker 36


lwkhong @ PM35 said...

hi PM36, can i call u as Richard??
i'm PM35, Khong here, welcome to the PM family.
i can see that u having a very competative timing in every running events that u entered.
keep on the good pace, hopefully 1 day u can become a great runner since u are very young now.
u are here to study rite.... so study hard OK!!!


John said...

Welcome to the PM family.

Look like the family is getting bigger and has expanded to Africa. It has certainly outpaced me :)

Hope to see you & the other family members more often in the near future.