Sunday, August 14, 2005

No More Haze n My Longest Run...

Thank god der haze has gone liao, i hope it gone forever lah.

Alto i was quite tired coming back from Tampin (Seremban) on saturday nite, but it wont stop me from doing my long run on sunday morning at Bkt Aman to Sri hartamas 20k. My last long run to Hartamas was 2 month ago, due to races here n there lah.

I was late, alto i oredi promise Adam n Kenny 6:30am our starting time. I only arrived at 6:45am, quickly went to toilet n settle my business. Start my run only at 6:55am. It was quite boring as there was no pacer around me all der way to Sri Hartamas n coming back too. Alto i was late, but i still manage to catch up wit couple of runners. But still, i run on my own.

Today i only saw, Pm6, Pm7, Pm19, Pm29, n Pm30. Where r der rest? Sumore dis Kenny lepas kapal terbang on me... cis!!!

20km Split Time:
1st 10km = 51m 23.60s
2nd 10km = 47m 46.19s [total = 1hr 39m 09.79s]

My milegae for dis wks only cover 31km, very very bad!!!

brought 2u by pm1

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