Monday, August 08, 2005

He's Der_Man!

I certainly don't mean for this posting to read like a tribute to PM1 mainly because tributes are usually written for folks past their prime, retiring, or dying! But for achieving his feat, he certainly warrants some mentioning. Many of us rely on him for race information, registration, source of funny race reports and running tips. He abstains from pork and cuttlefish, yet with his dedication to his own training, devotion to his ex-girlfriend-turned-wife and responsibilities to his in-laws, he still finds energy week in week out to race well.

Just this recent Sunday, he celebrated the collection of his 100th medal and I'm sure that I speak on behalf of the rest of us who frequent this blog, that we celebrated with him. The 100th medal was made all the more sweet since it came at the end of 8 weekends of racing. Who is he? He's Der_Pacemaker # 1, Ronnie See. We wish him the best and may he continue to plunder the races and yet ensuring that there are sufficient medals left for the rest of us mortals! If you'd like, you can post your congratulatory messages by clicking on the "Comments" link.
Brought 2 u by Der_Dr on behalf of all Der_Pacemakers and Friends


Anonymous said...


U got my first congrate surprise liao ...!!

Anyway..curi masuk...haha...u know ,I know..ok lah...all the BEST in future another 100 medals...hope got FULL medal !!


P-11 said...

Agreed with Jamie; It is never be easy to win the total of 100 medals. Surely it took a lot of hard-run & strong-heart to reach the stage.

Congratulations! Well done...

By the way, PM1, it is not an end yet, it is just a begining of winning another 100 medals. Good luck!

See u in the near-future races.

John said...

Congrats! Mission accomplished!

It's time for a FULL marathon...and other ultra-marathons.

Newton said...

Congrats to u PM1!
Not only did u win 100 medals but
u have won many friends too.
I know u as friendly, honest, humble, funny and unselfish.
In the well organized PAR, everybody got a medal except u!
U sacrificed your time, effort and medal to organize the run.
This shows a lot about u.
U welcome all runners.
It don't matter if they are fast or slow.
U treat me as human and not by how slow I run.
U talk to me like another human and not as a fast
runner talking to a slow runner.
U are my role model and my hero.

pm17 said...

heartiest congratulations again!!!! really glad to have known you.. eversince knowing you, i don't run alone in road races anymore..ahahahh!!! i must admit that i made a lot of friends through you in this short span of less than one year. most importantly, i don't need to bersusah-payah making endless trips to ftaaa office anymore..wakakakakaa!!! hopefully you're not serious about're not even 30 yet..way to go mannn!!!!!!

shine said...

huahahahahahhahaah I can't stop laughing, ronnie and you should know why..... Congrats on ya 100th medal cause it serves sweet memory to you and to me too....huahahahahhaahahahhahaha

kiss kiss luv ya luv ya

Tan BoSe said...

Hey... Congrats..You have achieved your target at last. Anyway, move on to another 100 medals. With your current form, I think you can achieve it in just a while. Keep it up, brader!

lwkhong @ PM35 said...

PM 1
wow...100th medals
dunno when is my time to achieved that.
i know u put a lot of effort for that, it's not something that can be done easily.
keep going, go for the 200th medals


Anonymous said...

pm kaptain! Congrates in achieving your first 100th medal!! Way to go, what a great spirit in running you have. Now its time to wait and see you pia in your next 200th medal! :))


pm21 said...

pm1 :
Congratulations! 10 years to get 100 medals...
Finally fullfill ur target...

Wish u get ur 200th medals in less than 10 years time...

Do u know? You are the best..!!
"ni chi dao mah?ni shi zui hao de"
pm1 GO...GO...GO

pm19 said...

Congratulations on your 100th medal! What about 100 medals for the FULL?

Gypsum said...

Congratulation on your 100 medals, you want a kiss from me not? Muak Muak! Many many love to you..

Shine, move away! Ronnie is MINE!!!

A.Vilkaala said...

To PM1,

My heartiest congratulation to you on winning the 100th medal. You definitely deserve it, after all the hard work and training. Anyway, my name is Vilkaala. I have been surfing your blog to find out about all the up-coming races, which otherwise I would have missed. Thank you very much on that. It is very interesting to read about the pre and post races write-ups which you and the other PM members religiously update from time to time. Keep up the good work. In fact, I also go through all the other PM members' blogs as well. Reading your blogs keep my running spirit alive. Thanks again.


Kenny said...

Congratulation and i'm happy for you . Hope can run my first marathon with you next time .

Next , to achieve PR and top 10 in Malaysia ?