Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Penang Round Der_Island Relay 2005: Calling for entries

Once again, it's that time of the year! Yes, the Penang Round Island Relay 2005 on Dec 18th. After last year's false start we hope to be able to form a team for this year's edition. In case you're not aware, Der_Pacemakers team was formed just for this event, so it brings about a bit of nostalgia. For this year's outing, we aim to raise a team of 18 runners comprising of 15 main runners and 3 reserve. If it happens, this trip up north will be sort of a holiday and fun run for Der_Pacemakers and friends as well, which is a good way to close the year ("sau kong" in Cantonese) after a hard and tough racing season.

Coordinating the registration of the team is
Tan Boon Seng aka BoSe who is now based in Penang acting as our ear-on-the-ground as well as being responsible for accomodation arrangements while Team Captain Ronnie aka Der_100 Medal Man will be responsible to crack the whip in case anyone pulls out, which brings us to the next point. As this is a team event, if anyone pulls out, it will affect the team's arrangement. Ronnie will communicate to everyone the date of submission for the entry as well as the finalized team members, and from then on there must be no withdrawals.

To safeguard against pull-outs, a deposit will be collected based on the room sharing arrangements. For example, if 4 persons want to share a room, then the 4 should come up with 50% deposit. So if the room is RM100, then each of the 4 will pay RM13 each. In the event of forfeiture, the money will go to the team's refreshments.

So far, Ronnie, Ryan Teoh (PM17), Jason Lim (PM23) and BoSe have confirmed their participation. If you're interested please send an email to
Der_Captain. More information will be communicated over the next few months.

Breakdown of the course as confirmed by
Vincent (PM10)

Leg 1 = flat (fastest runners here to build gap)
2 = flat (fastest runners here to build gap)
3 = flat
4 = Uphill all the way (strong hill runner needed)
5 = 500m up and all the way down
6 = flat
7 = 2K flat, 3.9K steep hill
8 = down hill (strong quads needed)
9 = (able to stand heat)
10 = (able to stand heat)
11 = (able to stand heat)
12 = (able to stand heat)

Brought 2 u by
PM5 and PM1

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Tan BoSe said...

Ronnie, In case you didn't read my message 2 nights ago, I actually asked the organiser while collecting my medal that day. They will be the one organising the Penang relay run, however, date has been set, but no further plan yet. I will need to call back during November.