Wednesday, August 24, 2005


if u thinking of breaking record at klcc park, pls not at dis moment. reason is, there are some renovation work which affect at der track area oso. and u really must tekan break at that spot. usualy i run slow, so never feel der curve area so dat tough. but until y'day me thinking of pr, only i realize der kan-kor-ness. summore y'day raining so kau lat n make der curving area so slippery, i think dat area slow me down at least 6 to 10 sec. sumore it's so uphill, 10 sec x 10 laps, i lost 1 mins n 40 sec. every mins every sec it so important for me to pr. too bad it never happen. i could hv done it below 1 hour, if wasnt any renovation there.. uhuk! uhuk!

but overall i'm happy wit my timing, i manage to run a consistance pace thru out der whole 10th laps. evetho i know kenot pr!

my 10th lapper split time:
6:07 >
6:05 > 12m 12.61s
6:04 > 18m 16.77s
6:09 > 24m 26.05s
6:07 > 30m 33.99s
6:11 > 36m 45.82s
6:10 > 42m 56.04s
6:10 > 49m 06.77s
6:08 > 55m 15.15s
6:03 > 61m 18.27s

warm down > 1.3km

total distance > 14.3km

brought 2u by pm1

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