Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Larian Gemilang - Report by Chen Fong Fong

As my usual style, I reach late there, almost 7.23 after I change & pee pee… aiyo, body still dun wan 2 wake up lor… then I see a coffee shop is open, some more open air, so nice! Want to sit lioa wor, but da prize… it hurt when I see it arrrrgggg! Forget about da coffee, smell enough lioa! Take a DEEEEEEEP breath! Ah! Feel like drink 2 cups lioa, wakakaka untung untung!!

Pass 7.30 lioa, people still walk here & there... got time 2 warm up a bit lor… quickly go to da site of the coffee shop & do warm up… nothing as good as a good taste of smell of coffee in sleepy head! Wakakaka, untung again!

I think it 7.40, people queue up for Negaraku, then a prayer in Islam… yawn* coffee shop is still half empty, wish I sit there… bang! Huh? Race start lioa?! Aiyo! Bye bye ice blend! Bye bye double shot!

No plan, just follow da captain will do, but cilaka that fellow run like no tomorrow, no sign see in 1st 5min, then I can roughly see him, aiyo… I think he want the medal so badly. I keep on pushing, until I confirm it’s him, only then I can slow a bit. Wah… leg feel so tired lioa… I dunno what my position, maybe pass in 20’s…

The route of Sri kembangan is eye open for me, although it just locate near the mines, I still can see old style coffee shop, people pace of life so slow, no helmet motorcycle, beggar sleep in corridor, aunty ride bicycle buy breakfast… HEY!!! A mashall yell at me, huh? Oppsss salah turn, I almost got into the town street, wahahaha! Interesting, INTERESTING!

Last part was so suffer, not even 40min and I can see da end point lioa… again not a 10k route, cis! Have to turbo kau2 until I see pm1 around 50 meter, then ah… slow down… cukup lah tu, get medal or not also no problem lioa, coz I have pia kau2 lioa errr almost 80% of da route kekeke… tired so tired…

As my predict result, I get da best of it #23 , wakakaka! Good good!!! I predict pm1 will get #19-22, me #23-26… bull eye shoot! Unexpected I get da medal, this one I cannot predict lioa ;-) quickly change & go daughter fren b-day party until 4pm in One U Kidz gym & sport… tell u… insite the playground so damn nice and adventure even adult can play for HOURS!!

brought 2u by pm8

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