Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Larian Merdeka 2005 - Race Report

Merdeka!... Merdeka!... Merdeka!... Merdeka!... Merdeka!...
Merdeka!... Merdeka!... Merdeka!... Merdeka!... Merdeka!...

Surprise Called!!!!
I oredi plan for a 20km long run on dis morning, suddenly i got a suprise called from PAS organizer (Encik Nik) y'day. He invited me to join their Merdeka Run at Taman Cheras Indah K. Lumpur on dat morning. N ozo ask me to invite more fren's too, but is oredi 6.00pm at dat hrs, where can i find ppl? I guess everyone ozo went back home liao. Sumore it gonna held on dis morning? Very rush for me to get ppl, n my hp ozo no credit to call out. Der only person i ask is Chen Fong Fong, Ryan Teoh Mei Mei n Rachel Lee. Coz i send msg to them thru chatbox, lucky they got my msg. Coz they're der only person who i know crazy about medal, der rest are not.

I took part dis event last yrs, n only top 3 finisher got trophy but no medal. Consolation prize up to top ten, n a mini hamper. I finish 4th. Dis yrs is different, top 3 got trophy n medals from 4th to 10th placing. Distance ozo increase from 2.5k to 4.5k, n marshall control were excellent. No one complain getting lost, n they going to make dis event as a annual race to a longer distance. They oso ask for der technical help from der pacemakers team, n i'm oredi agree to give help if next yrs event is comfirm. Huray!!!

Thank You PAS!
Many thanks to der PAS organizer for calling me up in der last dying mins, else i will miss der chance of getting another beautiful medal. They are so kind n friendly to us, b4 we say bai bai to them, they even ask us to come back again next yrs. We will definitely do!!!

Champion for Rachel Lee!
Congratulation to PM21, Dis is der 1st time in history she got champion in any running event. I'm so proud of her performance today. She pia very hard to mantain her lead until finishing. Me n Ryan oso pace wit her in der last 500m to go. Pacemakers Boleh!!!

Men Open 4.5km Result:
[1] 16:05 - Shaharudin
[2] 16:32 - Mohd Shukri
[3] 16:57 - Badrol
[4] 17:04 - Shahibul
[5] 17:05 - Ronnie See PM1
[6] 17:28 - Chen Fong Fong PM8
[7] 18:08 - Shahril
[8] 18:43 - Mohd Sazali
[9] 19:30 - Ryan Teoh Mei Mei PM17

Women Open 4.5km Result:
[1] 27:46 - Rachel Lee PM21

PM Point System:

Pm21=11pts / Pm1=9pts / Pm8=7pts / Pm17=3pts

Photos download tomoro ya! Stay tune for more update...

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...

Wah lau..can't believe lah...but hv to accept also...pm21 got champion...hahahaha !!

Wellll done !!


Penguin 2 said...

This is unbelievable !!!!!!

Anyway, Congratulations to all the PM members who have done so well in this race especially PM21.

Well done !!!

Newton said...

congrats PM21!

John said...

Congrats Rachel!

Look at her smile ... so sweet. Dressing like Yu Fang. Style of receiving the prize also like her!

Good on you! Keep it up!

pm17 said...

congrats again rachel!!!!! so what's next??? running for cash instead of medal like yufang and sj??? ahahahahhh!!!!!

Rachel Lee said...

Dear All,
Just to say Thank you and 'paiseh lah'