Sunday, August 21, 2005

My 2nd Week Long Run

Jialat... Jialat... Jialat...

Racing season start back only on september, so taking dis 3 wks of sunday to train hard for my long run. Der 1st wks i target 1'40 since i haven done much long run during racing season from june to august. Last wks I did 1'39, so very satisfy liao. Dis wks target time was 1'36, but its quiet hard lor, unless i hv someone pace wit me.

I know der only person available is Kenny Tan aka der asthma man! Quickly sms n booked him first, surprisingly Khoo Yit Kiat was there too. So 3 of us running neck to neck. Kenny was quite talkative during der run, so i let him d all der talk while i juz listen. kekekeke.... Coz i got no breath to talk liao, espeacially on der way back. Very suffering wor, i even stop for pansai at der petrol station.

Wit 4k left, i start to fire liao. Khoo follow very close behind, Kenny? I think he ran out of gas liao? So i run as hard as i can, dont want Khoo to potong my sayur. But kenot keep on der pace, Khoo slash me after 2km to go. I try to gave a chase, but he keep going faster n faster. But for me, suffer n suffer..

After complete my run, checking my time was ^%$#*& shiet! over target liao!!! Going to be more suffer next week! Any taker?

Last week long run:
51:23 > 47:46 = 1' 39m 09.47s

Dis week long run:
49:13 > 45:23 = 1' 34m 44.44s

Next week target time (Final):
1' 33m Can bo?

Chk out for my action picture tomolo ya! All very funny wan, hehehe.... some photo shot are, Adam 1/2 naked, Kelvin n Adam kam lan face, Mr n Mrs Loh Kean Teong, John learn to shy n many more...

[der fantastic four]

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