Monday, August 22, 2005

der_pacemaker #39

My name is Tan Boon Seng aka BoSe. I’m 24 years old and I’m a Klangite. I’m currently working as a service engineer in medical diagnostics field and I’m temporarily based in Penang.

I wasn’t really allowed for outdoor activities while I was young hence I’m not really a sport enthusiast until 3 years ago. I started do some jogging occasionally when I was pursuing my degree in a local university. There was a popular jogging route which encircles the campus completely, consisting a very long and challenging hill road. I started aiming to complete the jogging route which measures approximately 5 km. With the motivation and support from my roommate and a good friend where they were also runners, I managed to overcome my mental weakness and completed the route numerous times during my final year. From that on, I had fallen in love in running and started joining a few running events in campus and my first public run was KLIM 03 (10km event). After KLIM 03, I stopped running as I was pretty busy with my new job, until that day when I made a huge decision to join my friend in Penang Bridge Run 2003. At that time, I had no choice but to run 22.3km as that’s the shortest route for participants above 18 years old.

I would say that my running life had taken up a huge step forward when I successfully completed the half marathon without proper trainings. My confidence in running has increased after the Penang Run and I started running actively in the year of 2004. I was in my good form last year. I even challenged myself to run full marathon in Singapore Marathon last year, although it ended in disastrous way as I was hit by a series of knee injuries and also lack of proper marathon training.

I’m proud of myself as I have successfully overcome my weaknesses and now I do try other sports too such as badminton, swimming, mountain climbing and jungle tracking. I also managed to influence my close friends in Klang to run with me and now they join me in almost all the runs. I also get to know a lot of runners out there.

I cannot call myself as a good runner as I seldom train due to my job commitments, weak knees and also laziness. I’m trying to get rid of the laziness and instead, to run as frequent as possible. Hopefully one day I can become a good runner and make der pacemakers team proud.

brought 2u by pm39


Rachel Lee said...

Wow,pm39 look so handsome, the photo make u look like a elite runner, becareful,shine will look for u!!! Welcome to der_Pacemakers.

Anonymous said...

Hello 39:

Welcome to PM gang !!

Next time follow CM buntut !!


lwkhong @ PM35 said...

hi, pm39
welcome to the PM family
have a nice day ahead...
hope to meet u very soon

Anonymous said...

whahhahha shine is here now to look for you!!!!!!!!

F*uk you la Rachel, how can you say about me like that

Bose, you gay bor?

pm17 said...

welcome aboarddd!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Boon Seng,Im curious to find out what medical discipline u service?Lab/OT etc...

Tan BoSe said...

Dear All, thanks a lot.

Dear Anonymous, I'm dealing with laboratories mostly, clinical chem, immunology, blood gas, etc.