Monday, August 22, 2005

Training Menu for PM28


Read ur training menu.....very the kau lat man!

Here's my training menu for the last few weeks.

24th July - PACM Track Meet
25th-29th Work till around 8pm-9.30pm
30th Work till 5pm
31st July Klang 10km
1st-5th Aug Work till 8-9.30pm
6th Aug TTDI run, then to work till 5pm
7th Aug Watched MPAJ run
8th-19th Aug Work till 8-9.30pm

Brader, tell u ah, if go on like that I sure die young one man! My fitness has deteriorate, so not sure how am I going to train for so many races coming up nxt mth. Tell me, tell me lah.....

This weekend got to attend 2 full day course some more. Nt sure can run Sun, but will try lah. Thought of training morning but can't get up too early. Even if I do that I will suffer in the office....sleepy mah. Oso don't want to push myself too hard....I get sick very easily.

Mmh...have to use some brainto work out my the brain now cannot work...too tired...wana sleep liaw. Nite!

brought 2u by Khoo @ PM28

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