Friday, September 30, 2005

der_pacemakers e-bulletin

alto there is no race for me liao, but i still keep on my training. kenot lazy, so happy dat i can achives 60km b4 reaching to d weekends. coz weekend i wont be running mah. will be away from kl, back to work only on wednesday.
mean i wont be online oso. anything urgent, pls contact my secretary "ryan teoh mei mei" or wait till i come back ya.

latest update on d new year run, can be view at currenly der website are down, or u can try it later. remember to click refresh at der web, den only u can view everthings ya. or look at der recent posting, oso update liao!

for those will be racing dis wks at larian muhibah, 2nd link run, mount kinabalu challenge. pls remember to update me ur latest result ya, or to "ryan teoh mei mei" oso can.

latest pm ponit ranking oso can view at system down at
der moment, pls try it later.

worls tourism day huntkathon pictures can be view at
under "wtdfr" folder. happy viewing!!

i think dat all about it, happy weekend!!

dis week training mileage...

long run at klcc = 16.9km

track work @ kpg pandan = 11.2km

steady run @ klcc = 10.4km

track work @ kpg pandan = 12.4

easy run @ klcc = 9.1km

total mileage = 60km!!

der worst day was thurs on track, really suffer like hell.

brought 2u by pm1

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