Friday, September 30, 2005

Happy Birthday htpp://

Happy Anniversary!!
Wow! I can't believe that is already 1 year old!! Time flies man!!! Many thanks to for giving me a free blog to post all my running information. N oso many thanks to Dr Jamie, Ryan Teoh, Woofy Woof, Ketam batu, Wendy from Ipoh, Datuk Yaziz & Ajeep der hamsap fella for their Technical IT support to der blog. N not 4getting Jantzen Tey n Chen Fong Fong, der chatbox operator. Without their help, i wont be able to carry on. I really appreciate it. "Kan En"!!!

My Rojak English...
If u've been following my blog from last year, i believe that u'll notice that there are many errors in my blog, especially der grammar. Very sorry ya, coz i'm not gut in writing, sumore my english is so poor. Dat's why sometimes i hv to mix wit bahasa n hokkian mee lor. Sometimes i hv to ask help from Dr. Jamie, Ryan Teoh or Datuk Yaziz to correct der words, if der report is a little complicated. Hopefully one day i can write a full report in good english on my own. Hmmm... i think i nid 6 yrs to achieve that?

Pm1 der IT programmer?....
Frankly speaking, i really dont know anything about IT or website programing. It all started when i visited PM39's blog last year. I encountered some problems when i wanted to post some comments on his blog. Only blogger members can access in, dat was how der whole thing started. Den i simply tekan here n there, mistake is where we find improvement.

Are pacemakers dat friendly?
I think i can confidently say YES!! But can they take a joke too? Dis is der most difficult part, how can we know dat? From my point of view, all der names i gave below is der answer...

1 - Thorsen Chen Fong Fong PM8
2 - Jantzen Tey Teng Teng PM22
3 - Ryan Teoh Mei Mei PM17
4 - Jason Lim Fah Fah PM23
5 - Joviet Sim Tung Tung PM25
6 - Ajeep Ham Sap Sap PM26
7 - Adam Loh Poh Poh PM29
8 - Kevin Chow Kei Kei PM32
9 - Shine Teh Ying Ying PM34
10 - Bose Tan Peng Peng PM39
11 - Ronnie See Ling Ling PM1

Dont take us for Granted
FYI, we're not FTAAA, SAAA or PAAA. Wat i dont like is, some ppl expect us to do things for them from A-Z, just because we're der_pacemakers. There's a limit on how much we can help, so pls understand. We dont get anything in return for all we've done, except lot of shiet from ppl complaining dis n dat. Some ppl do ask me, "wat is der benefit if i join der_pacemaker gang?" The same question posed to PACM. To be honest, I dont like dis kind of question. Pacemakers is not a club or organisation, we're juz a bunch of runners who share der same interest. Our only intention is to make more frens.

brought 2u by pm1 & pm17


PM25@petalingrunner said...

hAPPY bIRTHDAY!!!! Aiya, already one year. I am glad to be part of Pacemakers!! We will be going on and on and on and on...... Thanks Ronnie!!!

Tan BoSe said...

Happy Anniversary, Ronnie. I didn't know I also played a part in your blog making. Hahaha. I'm so flattered. Thanks anyway. Your blog is such an inspirational and significant blog to the runners. Keep it up! Cheers!

Boon Keat said...

Happy Birthday to Pacemaker Blog! weel done and keep it up.

Boon Keat

runwitme said...

Hi Ronnie, Happy Anniversary! Great job on the PM blog! I have been following it since day one (since you move out of Ah Beh site). What can I say but your blog is one of my favorite running site that I visited almost daily for run updates and ehem..hokkien lesson. Even though we have not met "officially", I felt like I known you for a long time from your blogs and chats. Happy to be just a "guest" in this wonderful network! Keep running and keep blogging! Sincerely, runwitme.

Aiman Cheah said...

Hello Ronnie,

Happy Anniversary ya. Next time ah, if people ask what can they benefit from joining the Pacemakers or Pacesetters, return the ball to their court - how can the pacemakers and pacesetters benefit when they join? The conclusion is people who only want benefits and always the ones who take - selfish, kiamsap and kiasu.... Agree with dat or not?

Aiman Cheah

Celia said...

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