Thursday, September 15, 2005

Johor Singapore International 2nd Link Bridge Run 2005

Going for 2nd link will be...

A0007 - Ronnie See
A0008 - Ryan Teoh
A0012 - Joviet Sim
A0013 - Jason Lim

We oredi reg der run @ ft ofis n get out bib n tee as well, so convenient hor? n we will be driving all der way to jb, n meet up wit Joviet sim tung tung pm25. n we're look for 1 more runner to share wit us der accomodation n transportation. If anyone of u r interested to share wit us, pls do contact Ryan teoh mei mei @ 012-4568491 thanks ya!! Hurry while stock last!!!!

hitz der link @

brough 2u by pm1 n pm17


Anonymous said...

Runwitme is Lim Pueh Tian. He's in the Star Paper today. 24 hours walk.Buahahahahahahaha now we know!

Raymond Hee said...

how u know??