Wednesday, September 14, 2005

PJ Half Marathon Bib Collection Start Tomoro!!!

Jantzen Tey Teng Teng will be collecting der PJ bib for us, so better arrange ur time to meet him between tomoro until saturday ya! There wont be any give out bib on sunday, pls be co-operate ya! As u know, very troublesome if to give out bib on sunday. There are more than 50 over bib under Teng Teng hand, somore he is taking leave to help us. N den sumore he is not taking part der run. Teng Teng is very helpful lah, thank you Teng Teng!!!

Men Open - 21KM:
A0037 Lieu Wee Ling (Safra)
A0038 Joviet Sim (paid)
A0039 Jamie Pang
A0040 Ryan Teoh (paid)
A0041 Shine Teh
A0042 Kenneth Teh
A0043 Adam Loh (paid)
A0044 Lim Beng Hee (Dr's friend)
A0045 Lim Fang Hau (paid)
A0046 Kenny Tan
A0047 Ng Ping Loong (paid)
A0048 Lee Choong Choong (shine's friend)
A0049 Jack Toh (paid)
A0050 Justin Lee
A0051 Ronnie See (paid)
A0052 Choo King Hoe (cchoo's friend)
A0053 Ang Kok Peng (Safra)
A0054 Lim Kien Leong (cchoo's friend)
A0055 Quek Choon Hee (Safra)
A0056 Hwan Chee Huat (cchoo's friend)
A0057 Eddie Lee (Safra)
A0058 Koa Hean Hong (Safra)
A0059 Benson Ng (Safra)
A0060 Darren Ow Tong Wah (Safra)
A0061 Chang Siew Kien (Safra)

Women Open - 21KM:
C0005 Ng Lam Choo (Safra)
C0006 Irene Ng (Safra)
C0007 Tay Seow Ling (Safra)
C0008 Tan Bee Lian (Safra)
C0009 Yong Lai Chee (Safra)

Men Veteran - 21KM:
B0017 - Kelvin Ng
B0018 - Wong Chau Seng
B0019 - Lim Beng Hoon (Safra)
B0020 - Chow Tack Sing (Safra)
B0021 - Siew Chee Yun (Safra)
B0022 - David Nicholas Poh (Safra)
B0023 - Sheah Shang Shiaw (Safra)
B0024 - Patrick Chia Soon Heng (Safra)
B0201 - Ling Chee Fook (Safra)

Men Open - 10KM:
D0028 - Lim Kien Mau
D0029 - Yeo Khee Peng (Safra)

Women Open - 10KM:
H0015 - Rachel Lee Siew Mooi (paid)
H0016 - Teoh Ah Lan (PM2 wife)
H0017 - Lim Sook Fong (Safra)

brought 2u by pm22

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