Friday, October 28, 2005


Dear All,

Kindly take note that our dear friend, PM14 Aka Ah Toh, was involved in an accident yesterday morning i.e 27th October. He was trying to avoid someone who was crossing the road BLINDLY and ended up hurting himself! The fall from his motorbike caused him to hurt his head, face, arms and legs. I was told that he had some stitches on his head.

He's resting at home for the moment and I'm not sure how long it would be before Ah Toh is able to start running again. But I'm hoping for a full recovery as soon as possible as it would be nice to have him with us again!

Anyone who wish to send regards to him can via his mobile number : 016-377 9818

Brought to you by PM1 & PM21


Anonymous said...

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ThaiMarathoner said...

I do not know him before but as we are runner so wish him getting better and full recovered soonest.
May God Bless him.

lwkhong @ PM35 said...

hi toh,

wishing u recover fast...
all the best....
carefull next time ok..


Anonymous said...

I luv ya ah toh!!!