Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wednesday to Friday summary training report!

Wednesday @ KLCC

7'15 > 7'01 > 6'53 > 6'49 > 6'44 > 6'40 > 6'32 > 6'09 = 54'04s

Total distance = 10.4km

Thursday @ Kpg Pandan Track

Warm up 4km > 23'09

1000m x 4 @ 3'45 target time:
3'48 / 3'45 / 3'43 / 3'40

400m x 2 @ 100% feeling
1'27.54s / 1'17.08s

Warm down = 1.2km

Total distance = 10.4km

Friday @ KLCC

8'03 > 7'34 > 7'25 > 7'22 > 7'15 > 7'07 > 7'01 > 6'39 = 58'30s

Total distance = 10.4km

Nike Pegasus 2002 Model...
I couldn't believe my eye when i saw der price tag shown from RM350 go down to RM215 den sumore go down again to RM149!! Thats der final price n der cheaper shoe for Nike Pegasus ever. Sumore is oredi down der last pair, too bad it doesn't meet my size. But i dont really care about it. Bought it on der spot, then let pm21 to try it on, luckily it is meet her size but a bit losen. But still, i want her to take it. hehehehe....

Why i like Pegasusu so much?
Bcoz it a ever lasting shoe, it can last until 1500km oso no problem. Der tayar oso very thick as my face. My current pegasusu 2003 oredi reach to 600km liao, n der cushioning still very good condition. If you wear Pegasusu for marathon, garenti ur feet feel like heaven. PEGASUSU IS HO LIAO MAN!!! BUY PEGASUSU NOW!!!

Oh yes!! I brought der Pegasusu at Mid Valley Mega Mall, but sorry no more stock liao!! U may hv to go to Sunway Piramid or Bandar Utama.

Here are der list of pacemakers who has own Pegasusu:
Pm01 - Pegasus 2003
Pm02 - Pegasus 2002
Pm03 - Pegasus 2004
Pm05 - Pegasus 2005
Pm19 - Pegasus 2002, 2004
Pm21 - Pegasus 2002
Pm30 - Pegasus 2004
Pm34 - Pegasus 2003

Whoever pacemakers who has pegasusu, pls inform me ya! U'll be my hero too!!

brought 2u by pm1


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