Friday, October 14, 2005

breathe like dog

hu hah... hu hah... hu hah...
it has been long time coach never give us such as hard training as yday. b4 start d menu, he oredi mention out "today i will give u all a hard wan". gulp! feel like wan to lausai liao. coach even give me der target time. he say i must do 8 mins flat for der main course.

most of d runners pray dat it will rain, so can finish early. but god doesnt help, after all der suffering over liao den only it start to rain.

der starter!
warm up 2km, 400m x 1 @ 60% pace & 50m slow 50m fast x 1

der main course!

2000m x 4 @ 4:00 per km

  • 8m 04.62s - fail
  • 8m 03.49s - fail
  • 8m 01.35s - fail
  • 7m 58.67s - pass

    der dessert!
    warm down only 800m, normaly i will do 2km warm down. but yday really kenot liao, my whole body kong liao!

    brought 2u by pm1
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