Friday, October 14, 2005

Pacemakers New Year Run 2006 - Update!

Wat a relief!! finnaly we got approval letter from dbkl liao!! after all der hard work i made, travel here & there. so dat mean we can race legally, no more "lumba haram". but they are charging us some money for der track usage,
lucky rohaizad has come to der rescue. many many thanks to rohaizad for der financial support.

oso many many thanks to all der volunteer for thier help too. witout you all, i will sure crash down.

ajeep - typing der approval letter
ronnie - submit letter
adam - collecting approval letter
rohaizad - der sponsor
runwitme - preparing running tag
rachel - der pacemaker treasurer
ryan teoh - laminate der running tag

brought 2u by pm1 (der race director)


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PM21 said...

Hi Rohaizad,

Thousand thank you for ur sponsor, u make our PM run through a more successful way. :)