Thursday, October 20, 2005

der_pacemakers idol 2005 - 4th Round Result

Vote! Vote! Vote!

now wit only top 8 pacemakers going into 5th round idol qualification. there's a very shocking surprise. pm3 didn't make the cut! pm3 was der one who has der most votes among all der pm's thruout der 1st to 3rd round qualifications. so sad for pm3 - bai bai liao!

starting today, i will intro all der 8 pacemakers' stories & wit their handsome pictures (very lau nuar wan) too.

So wat's so special about them?

pm39 - tan boon seng (peng peng)
a runner who willing to travel back to back for any race that involve wit a finisher medal. dis is wat i call der truth spirit of runner!

pm32 - kevin chow (kei kei)
a runner who has der sweetie smile even wit worst or bad condition. i remember 1 time b4 he was having a bad injury on der knee, but he still went der distance. another true spirit of runner!

pm22 - jantzen tey (teng teng)
a very helpful runner, always like to help ppl when they having problem. teng teng is der only pacemakers can conquer 100km run, the true spirit of a marathon runner! oh yes, he always wants to know how much you weigh.

to be continued ....

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Tan BoSe said...

Wah, thanks Ronnie. I pai seh leh