Sunday, October 23, 2005

der_pacemakers Idol Story Part III

pm19 - justin lee (nia nia)
Der most hardcore runner. Rain, shine, tsunami, Hurricane Rita or Wilma, earthquake or Adam chasing his bontot, nothing can stop him from running. He is der only pacemaker who managed to hit 120km mileage per week. Now that he is married, he will be logging another kind of mileage - but never write him off!

pm17 - ryan teoh (mei mei teoh)
Mei mei is der pacemaker record holder for registering der most entries for a run during der nilai 1/2 marathon with a record of 50 entries. Becoz of that he nearly kena mental breakdown. If that happened he would've checked into tanjung rambutan for a 3 day 2 night stay liao! A faster runner in recent months, he no longer sapu lantai, so watch out for him ya!

pm8 - lilian chen (fong fong)
Der face is round, thick & solid. Yes, he's der medal-face-man. East north south west (tong nam sai pak) - as long there are medals provided, he'll be there. Oh yes, 1 more thing, he is always late for anything, everything or watever lah. Never come on time wan. Not only that, after race, immediately cabot - buntut oso can't be seen. KNN leh! But offer him nasi lemak and fried chicken and maybe he'll stay!

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