Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Wonderful Trip to Gunung Angsi

Change Plan
Actually we supposed to go hikng on sunday, Ronnie training with his Coach Chan on saturday. But everything changed, when his Coach say he is not free on saturday. And he wanted Ronnie & Jason come for the sunday long run. My whole plan has been swap. Mean most of the ppl cant make it on saturday due to work. So only Ronnie, Rachel, Ivory (Rachel fren), Jason, Draco & Steven (Draco fren) make the trip.

Easy as ABC?
Most of the ppl say, Gunung Angsi is good for those beginner. Yameh? But for Ronnie is oredi tough like dog and cow. Ronnie got lot of bruises and twist ankle many time. It is so extreme dangerous!!

No Leech pls...
This is my first time go for climbing. The most worry in my mind is the leech, didn't worry so much for the climbing. Because as per Steven experience is only take 2 hrs to reach summit.

Up to the Angsi
There is a drizzle rain all the way to seremban, but luckily when we reach there, the rain has stop. We enjoy ourself all the way up, throught simple jungle trekking, across river, the difficult part is the narrow cave, we need to use our arm to hold the rope and the final part is the most tired coz all the way up, up, and the top, our leg like no more feeling at that time.

Reach Summit
Finally we reach up there with 99% of our energy, really enjoy the view there, happy that we can reach there by safely without leech sticking on me, although all the way we saw it.

Down from the Angsi
We though going down is easy, but we are wrong, all the way down we need to use our toes to balance our body, that make our leg more tired and painful.

Luckily there is no leech close to me. We walk relax pace all the way, although it take us 6 hrs to complete the task, i think it is standard for the beginner. This is an excellent experience for us, we look forward for the next climbing trip. Thank you to Steven who guide us all the way.

Duration @ Angsi Climb
3 hrs 00m - Up to Summit
0 hrs 45m - Resting
2 hrs 45m - Down Hill

Total Hour Taken - 6 hrs 15mins

Our next climb is Gunung Bunga Buah (Genting Pahang)

brought 2u by PM21 (Rachel Lee)

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