Sunday, October 30, 2005

Extereme Hot Like Hell!!

Wow! So happy to see Pm17 Mei Mei Teoh, Pm25 Joviet Sim & Pm39 Draco Ng joining for der coach training. It was a big crowd including those kpg pandan gang. As usual, our run start Bkt Aman car park, den run thru Double Hill toward to Lake Garden Playground. Plus 4 to 6 loops around der lake according to our ability.

As for me, i could only stand up to 5 loops. Den KO liao!! I really kenot stand der heat, it was so damn hot lah. After der 3rd loops, i really mental block liao. But coach keep encourge me to carry on until at least 5 loops lah. As for dis wks timing, a bit of improvement liao compare to last wks.

My Split Time: [braket last wks timing]

11.5km > 56'06.78 [1'00.36]
02.3km > 11'26.68 > 1hr 07m 33s [1'13.20]
02.3km > 11'19.81 > 1hr 18m 53s [1'31.18]
02.3km > 11'21.81 > 1hr 30m 15s [1'43.19]
02.3km > 11'22.97 > 1hr 41m 38s [1'54.53]
02.3km > 10'59.64 > 1hr 52m 37s [--]

Total Distance Cover = 23.0km

Breakfast @ Jalan Alor
After taking my shower, Me Pm17 Pm21 Pm22 & Pm25 went to eat "Chee Yoke Fun" der best in Jln Alor. We also saw Jimmy Tong n der gang, wat a small world. After reach home oredi, i strait pensan on der bed.

Long Run Again on Deepavali
So there will be another long run again dis coming tues, as usual will be doing der same menu again. Dis time i must prepare to face der heat & der mental.

brought 2u by pm1

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