Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday Long Run @ Lake Garden Track

Saturday i'm supposed to be having my sweet dream at bed until 10am. But not for today, my assistant coach ask me to do long run instead of sunday. Due to somebody wedding, she affraid i live to rock until morning & wont be able to wake up on time. So i got no choice & hv to listen to coach as well.

Well, dis is oso a gut opportunity for me to try out d New Year Run route as well. I plan to run 9 laps. But in d end, i ran out of steam due to d heaty weather. So i did 8 laps only. I started my run only at 7:45am, ended at 9am plus. So u can imagine how hot was it lah. Water! Water!

For those who want to do well in New Year Run, better train hard. Try der track 1st, b4 going for der real wan. Is not easy as ABC due to d uneven surface. Sumore i run without any water supply. "Susah sekarang, Senang kemudian" hahaha!!

After finish my run, take bath. Went to Menara DBKL, to get approval for our New Yrs Run. I tot only got 1 DBKL in klang valley, which located at Jln Raja Laut. But i was wrong, lucky Jason inform me dat i nid to go to Kpg Baru to get approval. So i was there, but der person in charge is not around, ask me to come on monday. Tiu!!!

My split time for 2.3km per lap:
Lap 1 = 13'50.10s
Lap 2 = 13'11.89s > 0h 27m 01s
Lap 3 = 12'40.31s > 0h 39m 42s
Lap 4 = 12'37.23s > 0h 52m 19s
Lap 5 = 12'17.21s > 1h 04m 36s
Lap 6 = 11'58.08s > 1h 16m 34s
Lap 7 = 11'42.11s > 1h 28m 16s
Lap 8 = 11'14.94s > 1h 39m 31s

Total Distance 18.4km

brought 2u by pm1

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