Monday, October 24, 2005

Sunday Long Run Exterme Hardcore!!

No Pain No Gain!!
My whole body feel like wanted to collape liao, but b4 i go further hor. U shld know wat happen to me on saturday liao rite? My leg was so ketat & tired, Coach expect me to do a good result. I didnt dare to tell him i go hiking lei, sure kena crash boom bang wan. Glad to see Lee Weng Khong PM35 join coach training too, another hardcore runner. Welcome to Lanner World!!

As usual lah, our run start at Bukit Aman car park. Then run thru double hill until reach Lake Garden Children Playground. Wah u know hor, my timing really suck man. It take me more den 1 hr 1mins to reach der lake garden playground lei, compare to last wks hor, only 54mins plus plus nia. Coach ask to run 5 to 6 loops around d lake garden, gosh.. i oredi want to lausai liao. Dont think can last dat long lei, my leg oredi shaking steven liao. All my split time getting very bad compare to last wks. Very sakit hati lah, there is nothing i can do. Juz tahan n tahan until i kenot tahan.

My time split, bracket mean last wks timing:
11.5km - 1 hrs 00.23s [54.48]
02.3km - 12 m 20.66s [11:06]
02.3km - 12 m 03.32s [11:02]
02.3km - 12 m 01.21s [11:00]
02.3km - 11 m 34.98s [11:04]

Total Distance 20.7km > 1 hrs 54 mins 53 sec. [1hr 39.03s]

Suck! Really really suck, last wks still can concour 5 loops. Dis wks down to DBKL! As for my Kor Kor Jason, of course he got worse den me, muahahahaha!!!

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lwkhong @ PM35 said...

i just want to shared feeling sunday long run...its really suffered lah....leg also no power..
walk also like duck legs...

actually this not the end of the road,next week the distance will increase to 30km,that time shit also come out..

but, as people always said,no pain no gain,hopefully this is the pain i go through, if want to become better runner..

keep running,
lee weng khong, PM37

Anonymous said...

run a bit already make so much noise!!!!!

There's no weak body only weak mind!!!