Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wet... Wet... Wet...

Aiya! I tot der rain sudah stop liao after 5:30pm, mana tahu reach kpg pandan ron ron ron it rain again. Cilaka!! Coach oredi there liao, doing his warm up. I still haven recover from my double half marathon training back to back from sat - sunday. Thank god today menu was easy due to der rain lah. chen chen chen, but der bad news is, my kkc pain like hell. Arrrwwooooooo!!!!!!

Warm Up > 2km

6KM x 1 only den close shop!

4'15 >
4'35 > 08'50.87s
4'31 > 13'35.17s
4'24 > 17'31.99s
4'26 > 21'58.18s
4'19 > 26'18.06s

Total Distance Cover = 8km

brought 2u by pm1

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