Friday, November 18, 2005

2 more days to ING-KRI

Yday menu was quite hard also, i shld hv start to tapering liao. Shld go to track, coz i dont want to risk myself from getting tired. Sunday is the big countdown, wat to do.. i love coach so much mah. hahaha... So i hv to pretend to coach i'm still down, run slow slow will do lah.

I was late, didnt do any warm up, strait head to der menu.

400m x 1 @ 50% pace > 2'19
50m slow + 50m fast x 1 > 2'21

400m x 6 @ 2:20 including resting:
1'44 / 1'43 / 1'41 / 1'41 / 1'40 / 1'39

400m x 4 @ 2:10 including resting:
1'38 / 1'36 / 1'35 / 1'34

400m x 4 @ 2:00 including resting:
1'33 / 1'32 / 1'31 / 1'27

warm down > 2km

Total Distance Cover =

I meet new fren too, his name is Wan Lin, fren of Jantzen Tey.

brought 2u by pm1


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Boon Keat said...


Ha! Wan Lin is my friend too. He is someone very serious in running. I alway salute his spirit when come to road race.