Friday, November 04, 2005

King of KLCC Park!!

Believe it or not, somebody has broke der long standing record, which was hold by Justin Lee Pm19. As for der record, Justin is der only person who has run der most lap at KLCC park with 17 laps without stoping. As for yesterday, der record is broken! I oso received live update for that person during his 18th laps. That make me very nervous to know whether will he achive his 33 laps record? I oso received sms from Jantzen Tey Pm22, bcoz he want to snap dat fella picture. Too bad, he come in wrong timing. That fella start quite late lah, around 9am plus like that only he start der super mental stunning record.

5 hours 51 mins 22.46 sec [30th Laps] 1.3km x 30 = 39km!!!

Who is dat fella?

I think no want in der earth can ever break his hardcore record?


Balik Kampung @ Tampin
There wasnt any running for me during der time at Tampin, was busy helping sister in law washing plate in der coffee shop. I think i wash more than 200 plate during this 2 days. Stand until leg oso very tired, worst den running.

Training wit Chan Chee Seng
Grrrr!!! I miss coach training lah during der Raya time. Thurs menu is at Kpg Pandan track, Friday menu at Bkt Aman running at der staircase according to Joviet Sim.

Saturday Easy Run
Wah! Oredi 3 days no running for me wor. I oredi sms Justin & Joviet, they agree to do easy run with me. We will run at der lake garden loop 10am, max is 5 loops lah. Coz still need to reserve energy for sunday hard menu wit coach mah.

Guest where is der place i took der picture?

brought 2u by pm1


Tey said...

Dear all PMs:

Anyone if want to break that fella record,please inform me ya....don't tell me wrong time lah...this 30 laps fella start on 9.45am lah..too bad...specially go for surprise support and snap foto...also tarak jadi...!!

So...who can break the record ah ???

Tey said...


Don know he sick bo ? Hope he no suffer from this record oh...!!

Take care !