Saturday, November 05, 2005

MT ANGSI TRIP BY LIM FANG HAU @ PM 23 (22/10/2005)

This was the first time climbing Mt. Angsi. Mt. Angsi with the height of 825 metres is situated in Kuala Pilah district, Negeri Sembilan. This trip was led by Steven Ng, friend of Ng Ping Loong @ PM 37.

We departed from Bukit Aman to Steven’s house at 6.30 am in Bandar Tasik Selatan. At 8.00 am., we departed to Angsi. We reached the starting point at approximately 9.15 am. The ascend to the summit began from Ulu Bendol Recreational Forest at 9.30 am. The trip consists of PM37, PM1, Rachel Lee @ PM21, Ivory (Rachel’s friend) and Steven Ng.

The journey to the summit was quite smooth at the beginning by trekking in the forest. At later part towards the summit, we had to hold on to the rope to ascend certain steep parts of the mountain. The ascend took us approximately 3 hours at a relaxed pace. Most of the time, I was following Steven who was leading the way. Only after climbing the rope, I decided not to follow Steven but to be the anchorman to ensure all climbers reached the summit. We reached the summit at 12.30 pm. after a long distance trek from the base. W rested at the summit for 45 minutes to enjoy the view from the summit. We could see some housing estate from the summit.

We descended from the summit at 1.15 pm. We reached the base at 2.45 pm. We took approximately 2.75 hours to descend the summit. Most of the route comprises of the jungle trail with roots, branches and trees. The weather on the summit was hot. This mountain can be considered a relatively easy one as compared to Mt. Bunga Buah as I needed almost 5 hours to reach the summit at a relaxed pace.

Overall, this was quite an enjoyable trip for me as I climbed this mountain for the first time although I felt tired and exhausted after coming down from the summit. For your information, I skipped my breakfast before climbing as I had no time for breakfast. The only food I took on the summit was chocolate and some Powergel as substitutes for lunch.

brought 2u by pm1

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