Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New Year Run Update - Good News!!

I would like to acknowledge the following people for their generosity and kindness:-

Many thanks to Chin Pg for sponsoring the Watermelons and Thomas Ng for the 100 Plus. I truly appreciate your kindness. And not forgetting Jason Lim for sponsoring the supply of bananas. It's true-runners really help other runners in times of difficulty. Lessens my burden a bit lah, Phew!!

The others I also have to thank are:

Justin > Always help me type & revise the letters.
Runwitme > Preparing the running tags.
Dr Jamie > Checking my correction.
Tan Sri Rohaizad > Main sponsor
Tan Khee Meng > Co Sponsor
Rachel Lee > Account Treasurer
Ryan Teoh > Always there to help.
Draco Ng > Always find sponsor for me.

Again, this posting was revise by Justin Lee :)

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Anonymous said...

Do you want Beer or not, tiger beer, shandy, or guinness stout? I sponsor, but you all must drink one okay