Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Year Run 2006 - Update

# Jason Pm23 gonna sponsor us Banana. Not his banana lah, I mean pure banana.

# Trophies already 60% ready. Justin will keep all the trophies until the race day. My house too small, cannot keep so many things.

# Running bib will be done by this week, 2 weeks for them to process.

# Whoever haven make payment, pls do so. I need the money to pay trophies, drink, bib, tag & etc... Pls help me to help you.

# Whoever have table at home, pls bring it to the race day. We need more tables. Oh yes, I don't want Mahjung Tables. No gambling pls..

# Volunteer Run can either be 4th, 11th or 25th December. Up to your convenient, all I need is your timing.

# I need someone to sponsor watermelon? Your contribution will be much appreciated.

# Ah Loong Pm37 will have meeting tonight to work out with SCI (an volunteer NGO) Service Civil International, if possible to make it Grand & Fund Raising for the NGO.

brought 2u by pm1

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True runner said...

hey Pm1 i think i want to be a volunteer that day .maybe stand at de water station and help out u know ....