Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Run to release tension & revenge

Yday i run at KLCC wit a season best time of 53m 40.87s since sept 7th 2005 but still too far away from my PR of 47:07s. When i run, i dont feel any tiredness. Coz my mind still thinking of der unhappy thing, so i didnt realize i'm going faster n faster. Tan Sri Rohaizad pace wit me at der 5laps, i told him i'm going at negative split, coz i dont want to spoit his run. Tan Sri Rohaizad pace wit me until 1/2 way mark, den he let go liao. How i wish he could follow me until i finish hehehe...

Today i wont go to track, i got no mood to train speed at der moment. So i will still run at KLCC, n try to do below 53mins for der 8 lapper. FYI, Tan Sri Rohaizad will flag off for our Pacemakers New Year Run 2006.

My Split Time:
7'05.61 > 14'25.10
6'55.18 > 21'20.28
6'42.21 > 28'02.49
6'33.32 > 34'35.81
6'28.85 > 41'04.66
6'23.84 > 47'28.50
6'12.37 > 53'40.87

Total Distance = 10.4km

brought 2u by pm1

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