Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another Release Tension Run

As promise to myself, i manage to run a faster time. But der sad thing is, if i continue to run like this. Sure no one dare to pace wit me liao, all this while at KLCC i've been running solo. Last time use to hv Justin, John, Adam & Kenny Tan pacing wit me, but now their on der different training liao. mostly all train for marathon. When will i run my 1st marathon ah? Hmm.. still no plan yet, maybe next yrs Singapore 2006 or KLIM 2007 lah. I train for marathon, but not to run marathon.

der split time:
6'49.03 > 13'51.76
6'41.72 > 20'33.48
6'37.74 > 27'11.22
6'30.54 > 33'41.76
6'25.39 > 40'07.15
6'21.52 > 46'28.67
6'03.70 > 52'32.37

Total Distance = 10.4km

Today another run @ KLCC again, but not going to run fast anymore. Slow & Easy...

brought 2u by pm1

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