Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Start to get sick liao.....

I think too much heat training dat cause me der sickness. Now my throat very der dry & painful, drink too much water oso wont help. KRI is 5 days away, very worried lah. Now could only pray hard for speedy recovery. KRI to me is like 5 star event, i dont' want to miss der boat. Been training so hard everyday, god pls help!!!

Saturday Heat Training start 8:45am @ Lake Garden
12'45.52 > 25'54.64
12'23.53 > 38'18.17
12'07.36 > 50'25.53
11'05.05 > 61'01.30

Total Distance >

Sunday volunteer job at Tasik Titiwangsa stand under der hot sun for 2 hrs. Leg so tired, sumore less sleep.

Monday Heat Training start 4pm @ Lake Garden
12'16.04 > 24'57.86
11'54.26 > 36'52.12
11'47.58 > 48'39.70
11'02.99 > 59'42.69

Total Distance > 11.5km

brought 2u by pm1


Tey said...


Drink pahit tea and add powder of medicine !

U is over heat...!!

lwkhong @ PM35 said...

dont worry lah...still got 5days for KRI..sure can recover..
take more rest..

pm35 khong

Boon Keat said...


I agree with Khong aka PM35. For sure u can recover before the event. Just the matter of stamina might not that good....

Thanks for the volunteer work and ur support in KL triathlon. Hope to run with u one day.

Boon Keat