Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday Long Run

Sun Burn!
Wah.. dis two days i really kena burn kau-kau under der hot sun lah. Actually i target to run 30km wan, due to der hot weather, I can only achieve until 26km. After dat, i hv to call it a day liao. I really kenot stand der heat lah, it so damn hot. U know lah, our run always start around 8am plus wan. Of course hot lah. To my surprise, i cant believe i still hv plenty of energy to run, eventho i oredi run 11.5km on saturday morning. I think must be der energy drink i took! hehehe... but leg very tired lah!!!

Lucky next wks no long run under coach, coz he will be busy wit his Titiwangsa Triathlon mah. Den another wks is KRI, i be missing him again. And sumore IOI Community Run @ Puchong after KRI, woah!! Miss his training for 3 wks in a row lah!! Dont know how to tell him dat? Sure kena goreng wan!!

My Split Time: - 53'28.89
8.5km - 42'42.11 > 1' 36.11
2.3km - 11'23.40 > 1' 47.34
2.3km - 11'22.17 > 1' 58.56
2.3km - 11'05.33 > 2' 10.02

Total distance Cover: 26.4km

Do u know? I juz miss 8sec away to break my last tuesday timing. Argghhh!!!

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