Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturday Easy Relax Run but damn Hot Like Shiet!!

Aiyo! After so many days of rest, my body all sudah berkarat liao. Dis morning i started my run at 10.00am together wit Joviet Sim (Pm25), but i no see Justin Lee (Pm19) around. Which he agree to join us from his last nite sms i received. I plan to do easy 5 loops at der lake, dont want to run too much. Bcoz der real test is on sunday. So only me and Joviet do der running, after 3 loops at der lake. Joviet call it a day, he couldnt continue anymore due to lactic acid muscle pain. Suprisingly Justin shown up immediatelly, actually he oredi came very early. He run around der Double Hill route b4 turn into der lake and join me. Lucky i hv him to pace wit me for der last 2 laps. Else sure bored to hell, sumore der weather is getting hotter n hotter liao. Today i kena der sun burn really kaulat, u can call me now Ronnie Arumugam See!! Wakakakak!!!

My Split Time:
pace by pm25 - 13'18.78
pace by pm25 - 12'47.09 > 26'05.87
pace by pm25 - 12'26.17 > 38'32.04
pace by pm19 - 12'29.36 > 51'01.40
pace by pm19 - 11'49.37 > 1h 02m 50s

Total Distance Cover > 11.5km

I hint tomoro coach sure ask us to run 30km liao!!! Pray Hard!!!

brought 2u by pm1

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Anonymous said...

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