Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mizuno Wave Run 2005

Year End Run... Simply der Best!!
Arghhh!!! I came so close to beat Sean Quah & Hayley Holle, der most triller part was at der last hill located at der back of Istana. I manage to catch up Hayley at der hill part, & Sean Quah was ahead of us by 25m nia. Sean Quah was der wan who hv der most pressure among us, coz he was leading thruout der whole race. I can see Sean Quah keep watchinh me hehehehe....

Experience Kill It All...
I wanted to follow Hayley pace, but she make a quick move. B4 going down hill, she oredi make a quick breakaway. I try very hard to chase her back, but is oredi too late liao. She oredi turbo like Ferrari, & Sean oso kena potong by her.

So close but yet so far...
After coming down from Tugu Negara trafik light, i go all out wit full force to chase Sean Quah. Eventho i know is impossible to beat him, but i never give until der finishing line. In d end, i lost. But I'm very happy, coz i lost to a good runner. Muahahahahah....

Note: All position are base on total overall placing. [Individual / Overall]

Men Open Category 10.5km:
39:56 - Richard Habeya PM36 [7th / 11th]
44:32 - Sean Quah [26th]
44:34 - Ronnie See PM1 [27th]
45:18 - Khoo Yit Kiat PM28 [00th]
47:09 - Kenny Tan PM27 [57th]
47:21 - Chen Fong Fong PM8 [60th]

50:00 - Tan Boon Keat [00th]
50:53 - Lee Weng Khong [98th]
51:15 - Alden Yap PM38 [105th]
51:16 - Eric Teo P10 [106th]

51:18 - Ryan Teoh PM17 [107th]
52:19 - Aiman Cheah PM24 [126th]
52:47 - Gavin Mah [145th]
53:12 - Tan Boon Seng PM39 [146th]

54:56 - Tan Chee Wee [175th]
55:03 - Kelvin Ng PM2 [180th]

55:25 - Kevin Chow PM32 [188th]
56:57 - Yong KLCC [220th]
00:00 - Joviet Sim [235th]

58:33 - Newton Yap PM18 [266th]
58:41 - Dinesh Kumaran PM40 [272nd]
60:26 - Jamie Pang PM5 [310th]
65:00 - Kenneth Teh [000th]

Women Open Category 10.5km:
94:20 - Rachel Lee [166th]

brought 2u by pm1

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