Monday, December 26, 2005

No Pain No Gain, & Respect der Distance...

My 1st ever 30km Run under Coach Chan
U know hor, my last 30km run was on 13th feb 2005 under der PACM 30km pratice run wit der time of 2hrs 35mins 10.95sec wit gut n cooling condition. Yday was my 2nd want, wit bad n hot like babique condition. Waulaheh, really must respect der distance lah. Is not easy to run 2hrs plus non stop u know. When running der long distance hor, timing is not dat really important. Der most important is to complete it. Thank god I manage to finish it under 5 mins pace.

To be honest hor, after der 3rd loops of der lake, I oredi feel like dead fish liao. My mind keep thinking of giving up, coz my leg feel so tired n boring liao keep rounding der loops. If i wasnt sign up der Great Eastern 30km Run, i wont torture myself like this. I feel like want to runtuh liao. Kanasai!!

After complete my run, I couldnt walk properly at all. Leg like sotong bakar, so tired to walk back to der car park lah. How i wish someone will drive me there.

Tomoro i wont go to track, I heard there will be another time trial. Gulp! I need to rest. Will resume back to training on wed at KLCC, thurs only go track lah. For der timing, I want to reduce my speed work, coz I want to train more endurance lah. 30km no play play lor, must respect der distance ok!

Today course split time:
11.0km > 52'48.08
08.5km > 41'56.97 = 1' 34.45s
02.3km > 11'40.72 = 1' 46.25s
02.3km > 11'36.47 = 1' 58.02s
02.3km > 11'35.68 = 2' 09.37s
02.3km > 11'34.43 = 2' 21.12s
02.3km > 11'05.29 = 2' 32.17s

Total Distance Cover = 31.0 km!! (shoe: NB901)

Average pace per km = 4'55 per km!!

Hmm, got another 11km to reach 42km. If I can sustain der 11km within der 1 hour, sure can hit 3'30 in marathon want. Hahahaha, fat mong lah you %$#@%^&!! dream on lah!!

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Newton said...

well done pm1!

blueameba said...

If you can do your first ever full marathon in 330 or sub-4, thousand of us will proud of u la, even now already many ppl proud of u :P

new year new challenge! think about it, hahah..