Saturday, December 24, 2005

X'mas Eve Long Run wit Coach

This morning hor, my leg still feel very der sore from thurs track workout, eventho friday was a rest day for me. But still kenot recover in time wor, gatal want to pia pia pia, now kena liao.

So surprise there are many turn up for der run, among der PM's are RonSee Pm1, Janggutman Pm3, Kenny Roger Pm27, Richard Halehluya Pm36. Der non Pm's are, Eugene Chan, Chin Nung, Yong, Lee Chin, Jeremy, Ah Sui, Singh & Son, Goh Chun Aun n blah blah blah lah.. sorry some i dont know their name lah.

TNS.. coach came late, 8:15am only he sampai. After sampai, talk talk talk again until almost to 8.30am only want to start. I got appointment at 10.30am wit somebody, since der run started late oredi. I hv to cut down der distance n run fast fast. Today max run is 30km, Kan Nen Neh!!

At der begining I oredi turbo like mad liao, I was running alone n lead der pack for der 1st 4km. Until Richard Halehluya came along and pace wit me. Der 1st Nor Liap Sua (Double Hill) 11km was ok wit me, but der 2nd 8km was tough due to my leg muscle sore. But wit der spirit of PIA, I still carry on.

After finish der 8.5km I wanted to stop liao, coz my berak face oredi kenot tahan liao somore so hot hot. but I need to guide Richard der route, so I hang on for der 1 loop. Then only i pensan.

My previous PR's course split time:
11.0km > 53'53.00
08.5km > 42'01.14 = 1' 35.54s
02.3km > 11'23.55 = 1' 47.17s

Today course split time:
11.0km > 52'33.68
08.5km > 42'08.99 = 1' 34.42s
02.3km > 11'01.64 = 1' 45.44s

This monday Coach say he want us to run 35km liao, damn I dont know can make it or not? My run haven reach 30km yet lah, sumore wit my this kind of pacing sure mati want. But I'm targeting to run 30km lah, hope i can achive it la. Der Spirit of Pia mah!!

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True runner said...

Good to pace with you as u did ur PR it was a nice run .