Thursday, December 29, 2005

NYR Update - 3 more days to go...

I feel very sorry for those who want to take part der NYR, entries have closed since last month. Oversubscribed lah! So much so I think if Pacemaker goes for a Second Board listing, our shares will also be oversubscribe! I'm still receiving many phone calls and emails. Sorry to turn latecomers down but there's a reason for closing date. Got so many things to plan wan you know. This lah, that lah. Thinking about it also make me want to lau sai liao.

As you know, trophies take 1 month to deliver. If last minute you jump queue, is not fair for others too. Unless got somebody pull out without paying, then only we will quickly find replacement. But so far, everyone has paid up. So for others, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Waiting list also not accepted liao.

Final Reminder!
There are still many runners don't know where is the starting time, venue, distance or etc.. GERAM!!

Venue : Lake Garden @ Children Playground
Distance : 20.7km (2.3km per lap x 9)

5.30am - arrival of officials, volunteers & runners
5.45am - reporting for all categories
6.15am - reporting closed
6.30am - flag off all categories
9.00am - race officially closed
9.15am - prize giving
9.30am - end of event

Note: Please report yourselves before 6.15am, so we able to start the race on time. Please help us to help you. Please lah. Please...let us all have fun!

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aharis said...

pm1 & pm members,
Gd luck on yr NY Run. Hopefully masuk TV nanti..