Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year 2006

Thanks to all the Sponsors & Thanks to all the Volunteers. Without you fellas, this New Year Run wouldn't have been a reality. Volunteers arrived as early as 5.20am and started setting up. I'm very happy to see the true spirit of runners helping runners. There were 5 carloads of material and food - a logistical nightmare. I was very touched to the point of tears.

Sorry for the delay of the starting time, because it still too dark inside the park. We have to take safety as a priority. By 6.45am the sky got brighter and it was time to finally kick the event off. YAB Tan Sri Rohaizad flagged off the run by counting down from 10 with everyone joining in, much like the countdown to the New Year! What a memorable flagoff!

Sponsor Team:
YAB Tan Sri Rohaizad (Pm33), Thomas Ng (Pm6), Chin-Penang, Chen Keat Hoong (Pm8), Jason Lim (Pm23), Dinesh Sri Kumaran (Pm40), Ryan Teoh (Pm17), Aiman Cheah (Pm24), Tan Khee Meng (Penguin 2), Ronnie See (Pm1), Johnson & Johnsons & Hogosu S/B.

Volunteers Team:
Water Station :
Adam, Ajeep & Awek

Fruits & Food station :
Rachel Mama & Papa.

Timekeeping / Check point :
Ryan Teoh, Justin Lee, John Tan, Jantzen Tey & Phyllis Kok.

Jantzen Tey, Jamie Pang, KC Leong P1, Runwitme, Draco Ng & CS Wong

General Station :
Ronnie See, Rachel Lee, Eng SJ, Lim Pueh Tian & Drago Ng

Special thanks to
Runwitme for designing the running & finishers tag and missing his sessions with Mariah Carey/Madonna.
Ryan Teoh for laminating the bib & tag, and missing his studies.
Hoo Ching Cheong & Ching Tai for loaning us the big umbrellas n tables.
Kelvin Ng who use his natural voice help us to make all the announcements (before, during and after the run).
Penguin group for their strong support.
Ng Wei Loon (from The Starmetro) who came to support.
CS Wong who came for taking photos with his monster camera and burning the photos to CD-ROM.

We have tried our best and worked very hard for everything, thousand apologies if the event is not so well organized. Very sorry to those Veteran Category runners, for the delay of their results.

And I have to mention one mistake that i made which was the trophy label which was accidently printed as New Year Run 05 instead of 06, this is really a missing part that I didn't notice. I feel so sad n stupid. Whole night cannot sleep.

New Year Run Official Result for 20.7km:
Men Open Category:
[01] 1'33.42 - Jack Toh Wai Kuen Pm14
[02] 1'36.09 - Ronnie See Pm1
[03] 1'37.01 - Chen Fong Fong Pm8
[04] 1'39.58 - Khoo Yit Kiat Pm28
[05] 1'40.30 - William Chan Wai Lam
[06] 1'40.35 - Vincent Tiong
[07] 1'40.42 - Kenny Tan Pm27
[08] 1'42.14 - Gavin Mah Kwang Wei
[09] 1'45.14 - Tan Boon Keat
[10] 1'46.48 - Lee Weng Khong Pm35
[11] 1'49.11 - Aiman Cheah Pm24
[12] 1'51.48 - Eric Teo P10
[13] 1'54.02 - Kevin Chow Pm32
[14] 1'54.49 - Tan Chee Wee P11
[15] 1'55.31 - Tam Kok Keong
[16] 1'56.22 - Yong from KLCC
[17] 2'03.08 - Lee Wei Siang (Kelantan)
[18] 2'03.49 - Jason Lim Pm23
[19] 2'04.34 - Chee Hock Mun
[20] 2'06.23 - Joviet Sim Pm25 (Johor)
[21] 2'06.42 - Dinesh Kumaran Pm40
[22] 2'06.44 - Kwan Wai Kiat
[23] 2'08.58 - Hoo Ching Tai
[24] 2'15.36 - Low Kim Houn
[25] 2'24.20 - Gary Chan
[26] 0'00.00 - Yan Kok Phooi (DNF)
[27] 0'00.00 - Thomas Ng (DNS)
[28] 0'00.00 - Ryan Teoh (DNS)
[29] 0'00.00 - Kor Boon Kien (DNS)

Men Veteran Category:
[01] 1'37.58 - Vincent Wong Pm10
[02] 1'48.37 - Eddy Choo
[03] 1'50.06 - Kenny Choo King Hoe
[04] 1'51.49 - Tan Khee Meng P2
[05] 1'53.37 - Howard Oh
[06] 1'55.20 - Aeow Cen Peng
[07] 1'56.06 - Yong Chuan Teik
[08] 1'58.37 - Peter Goh
[09] 2'00.13 - Kelvin Ng Pm2
[10] 2'04.13 - Hoo Ching Cheong
[11] 2'07.33 - Ng Wei Hann
[12] 2'08.30 - Albert Goh
[13] 2'12.50 - Agnes Chin
[14] 2'13.13 - Y.A.B Tan Sri Rohaizad Pm33
[15] 2'23.30 - Agatha Wam
[16] 2'30.05 - Tan Chee Yong (Perak)
[17] 2'33.02 - Noorshimah (Kelantan)
[18] 0'00.00 - Phyllip Lim (DNF)
[19] 0'00.00 - Tomoko Kurahashi (DNF)
[20] 0'00.00 - Julie Wong (DNF)
[21] 0'00.00 - Wong Chuen Khuen (DNF)
[22] 0'00.00 - Ng Hock Seng (DNS)

PM's Ranking Point
Pm14 = 38pts, Pm01 = 35pts, Pm08 = 32pts, Pm10 = 32pts
Pm28 = 27pts, Pm27 = 22pts, Pm35 = 17pts, Pm24 = 14pts
Pm32 = 12pts, Pm02 = 12pts, Pm23 = 08pts, Pm25 = 06pts
Pm40 = 04pts, Pm33 = 02pts

Very glad that the Pacemaker member grabbed the top honours for Open & Veteran Category. Jack Toh Pm14 was the PAR Run Champion, and again he is the Champion for the New Year Run. And don't forget our super veteran Vincent Wong Pm10, who won the veteran category with a super huge lead from the 1st runner up with a total time of 10 mins plus advantage. Congrats to both of you!

My Spilt Time:
Lap 1 - 10' 34.39
Lap 2 - 10' 36.32 > 0hr 21'11.30
Lap 3 - 10' 42.46 > 0hr 31'53.76
Lap 4 - 10' 41.18 > 0hr 42'34.94
Lap 5 - 10' 42.70 > 0hr 53'17.64
Lap 6 - 10' 48.44 > 1hr 04'06.08
Lap 7 - 10' 35.98 > 1hr 14'42.06
Lap 8 - 10' 44.43 > 1hr 25'26.49
Lap 9 - 10' 43.04 > 1hr 36'09.53

1st lap was pace with Vincent Wong, William Chan, Tan Boon Keat
2nd lap was pace with Vincent, William, Boon Keat & Khoo Yit Kiat
3rd lap was pace with William, Khoo & Boon Keat
4th lap was pace with William, Khoo & Boon Keat
5th lap was pace with William & Khoo
6th lap was pace with Khoo
7th lap running solo
8th lap running solo
9th lap running solo

I organised the race & I also run the race. Do you know how tired it is? Worse than running 30K you know? Damn! Glad it's all over. I beat the best runner today, which i never beaten him before in my whole life. And he is Vincent Wong Pm10. With 1.3km to go, I saw Vincent struggling like mad. I over took him with 1km to go, and turbo with all my heart out and didn't dare look back. I finished the run with pride and honour - for Country, Pacemakers and Myself. Hahaha...

Feedback from runners thru SMS... (Thanks a Zillion)

Ng Wei Hann
Ronnie thx 4 giving me d chance 2 start d new year so well. I thot I would stop after 5 laps but found d courage 2 finish d whole thing. Thx also 4 d chance 2 have d feel of getting d 'winner's tag' n d trophy. pls extend my appreciation 2 all ur crew who did a great job. I'll definitely do tis again".

Dinesh Kumaran Pm40
Ronnie dont feel bad about the trophy wording mistake & other minor things. Overall it was a great effort & race from all. We all enjoyed.

Draco Ng Ping Loong Pm37
Pls dun think too much about ur running event. Pls go to sleep earlier. I feel ur run event is well done. I know u hv try ur best.

Kevin Chow Kei Kei Pm32
Thanks 4 such a succesful NY run. I truly enjoyd it, especially since it's NY & mostof d PM's r willing 2 participate & volunteer. Will PM organize a full marathon?

SJ Eng
Your guys did very good job

Ryan Teoh Mei Mei
Congrats for successfully organising the New Year Run! Never mind the minor mistakes. Even the Olympic games also have some glitches. So cheer up! (,")

Appreciate if you able to send me some feedback in the comments session, whether good or bad. Will accept with open heart.

FYI, sad to say this. There will be no PAR Run anymore. PAR Run is only organise once in a life time. As for New Year Run, is depend on runners feedback. Thank You Very Much! & Happy New Year 006!!!

Photos can refer to http://carboman.blogspot.com/ http://penguin-r2.blogspot.com/ http://pmtey.blogspot.com/

Report by: RonSee & Rachel Lee
Checked by: Dr. Jamie Pang

brought 2u by pm1

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Boon Keat said...

Dear Ronnie and all the staff in New Year Run,

Thanks! i really enjoy the run! U all did a great job to reality it. For sure i will be back for this event next year!

Boon Keat