Saturday, December 03, 2005

Singapore Marathon 2005 Latest Update Result for der PM's

Kenneth was der 1st one who sms me der result, follow by Sim and then Runwitme. Then on and on and on, Thank You to you all.

42.195km - Full Marathon [Net Chip Time]:
2' 15.55 - Amos Matui (Kenya) CHAMPION!!

3' 46.44 - CB Leow
3' 53.14 - Eric Teo P10
4' 29.54 - Shine Teh Pm34
4' 32.26 - Justin Lee Pm19
4' 39.23 - Kelvin Ng Pm2
4' 39.36 - Jamie Pang Pm5
4' 41.53 - Kenny Choo

4' 49.33 - Hoo Ching Tai
4' 58.49 - Hoo Ching Cheong
5' 16.30 - Tan Boon Keat
5' 32.30 - Alden Yap Pm38
5' 58.54 - Jason Lim Pm22

21.0km - Half Marathon [Net Chip Time]:
1' 16.04 - Henry Wanyoike (Kenya) CHAMPION!!

1' 37.49 - Khoo Yit Kiat Pm28 [20th]
1' 59.50 - Joviet Sim Pm25

2' 01.00 - Kevin Chow Pm32 [405th]
2' 04.23 - Kenneth Teh Pm20
2' 11.53 - Tan Bong Seng Pm39

2' 16.05 - Rohaizad Pm33
2' 29.13 - Cheong Shih Heng Pm12

10.0km - Mini Marathon [Net Chip time]:
32.08 - Takanori Sagawa (Japan) CHAMPION!!

34.11 - Lim Kien Mau (Singapore) [4th]
00.00 - Dinish Kumaran Pm40

10.0km Team - Women Category
49.12 - Eng Seok Jiun [4th]
50.07 - Eng Seok Ling [5th]

10.0km Team - Mixed Category
37.43 - Tan song Hua [4th]
37.46 - Goh Choon Aun [5th]

42.42 - Fong Phong Tong Lim [6th]

"Damn hot & humid, my leg are damn sore. 1 2 dip in cold water liao. Damn a lot of ppl n ho eh ker. Woohoo!" by kenneth Pm20

"Khoo Yit Kiat 1st M'sia finisher, 1'37.49s my timing is 2hrs exactly" by Joviet Sim Pm25

"Jason Learn 2 eat make it 1 min b4 6hrs mark, I was so kan cheong look he gonna fall off" by Runwitme

"So so so hot. Almost forgot my name. 1st n last. From now on, max race is 21k." by Justin Lee Pm19

"Sing Full Marathon timing 5hr 59min 6.04sec" by Jason Lim Pm23

"Weather very hot, regards." by Cchoo

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Boon Keat said...

I have a bad timing in this marathon :-(

After 30KM mark, my leg damn sore. So, decided to walk for the entire 12km. Poor... We all burning under hot sun!

I will be back next year! for revenge!

RunWitMe said...

Hi! Do you know Henry Wanyoike is a BLIND runner? I first saw him during the Standard chartered run in BKK a month ago. His guide/ partner, Joseph came in second in the 21Km event. I had the chance to meet them and took photo this time... Wow..Very inspiring! Seeing is Believing!!!

Tan BoSe said...

Hey, you had my name wrong leh. My name is Tan Boon Seng, not Tan Bong Seng. Hahaha

Carboman said...

looks like this year and last year we have 1 PM as the first Malaysian finisher!