Tuesday, January 17, 2006

best gossip of der day!

Pictures taken from KC Leong der Penguin 1

From today onwards, I will select der best Gossip of der days from der comment session. If u can write funny funny want, or u are very der chi cha poh.. like to talk this talk that, shout it out lah!! Dont paiseh paiseh...

1) 870 is a fool & foul by the organiser
2) organiser feel expensive for the medal but not their pocket.
3) elite runner are top class and god of runners, carelefair are slave
4) money somewhere out there,
5) 30% charity, 60% sdn bhd, 10% imaging
6) yes, cause we are slave
7) only those siemens & organiser staff are lucky enough to get...
8) yes, more people will using siemens product, even our under wear....and running vest too.
9) :-)))

ur answer reply
brought to u by the phantom of runners


put one hand on your left chest, can you feel the heart beats?

yes it is a runner's heart.

less a medal or more a medal, it doesn't matter anymore!!!


p/s very the bising lar you guys....


"somebody" read yr blog.. so write down everything laa.. good or bad.

don't hide-hide. :p
al haris


hi ronnie,

i totally agree with you that this run sucks! i was so pissed off especially when i went to collect t-shirt early morning on the second collection day. that guy told me they have only xl! i mean why the f**k they wanna print so many xl size t-shirts as they should have known that we runners are mostly moderate in size. and later i found out that they're keeping some of those smaller sizes as they are limited. actually a lot of runs were like that but normally i can tolerate if i collect on the final day, but this was the beginning of the second day! i was truly disappointed! the limited medals were horrendous but i was not so upset about it because i was not a fast runner but i personally think they should give out 100. actually no matter what you write, they will only be offended, but never take this critism positively, thus the organisers will never improve!

tan bose



if they said this is a charity event,then they shouldn't offer cash prize,let the fund flow to charity. what is their purpose to offer cash prize for the runner and the fancy wear?



Carboman said...

Gua cinya pak tor iau liao!

Chlow said...

Hi, i don't think anyone knows me and i would like to tell you guys i enjoy reading this website especially information about running lah (but not the 'war' that is going on) I also noticed there is two groups out there that don't see eye to eye. There is a little truth on what is said on both side. I am 45 years old, a slow runner normally take part in 10km races. Just a ordinary slow runner. I appreciate that i got my first medal in the mizuno wave run recently not because i was good but everyone got a medal. Been taking part in runs the past 1 year. Had some bad experience in the Mizuno wave run. First of all i was not given a medal when i cross thew finishing line. Was just given a paper with my position. Only when i look and see everyone getting a medal did i go back and ask how come i was not given one when i finished earlier then them that i got mine. Later i went to collect my drink and breakfast. I did not eat my packet of meehoon. I later gave it to a lady collecting and clearing the rubbish. She immediately sat down to eat the packet of meehoon, to my horror it was a packet already eaten with the leftover inside. She thought i was playing tricks on her and started shouting at me. It was embarassing. I am telling you guys this is because i don't let this bad experience cloud my enjoyable run and i thank you guys for giving me and opportunity to have an opportunity to run and enjoy myself. Even if there are no medals i would still enjoy myself. I am not on any side and i hope nobody start 'attacking' me after this. I could have easily 'curse' the organiser for that bad experience but at the end of the day i ask myself what is my motive in going for the run. If we reflect a little there is some truth in both sides. Any suggestion to help me to run and complete a dream 21km run. Please don't think that i am on either side. Hope everyone can take the ctiticism in a positive outlook.

Anonymous said...

Hate people playing neutral and be a nice guy!!! Normally he is the most dangerous type!!! ATTACK HIM PEOPLE!!! muhahahahah

Just kidding, CHLow, you just have to talk to these gila gila runners here more often and they will impart you their secret training recipe and motivation.

But you cannot touch Ah Toh, Sean Quah and Bose cause they are mine okay.


main entrance said...

Shine, u're worst then zhi zha poh!! tok tok here tok tok there, tok tok everywhere!!

Anonymous said...

I did not get any medal as well in Siemen Run. I felt disappointed, however, it is a good opportunity for me to train harder in order to get top 30 in next year. Otherwise, I will forever stay at my comfort zone. No improvement.