Monday, January 16, 2006

New Balance Pacesetters 15km 2006


Anonymous said...

Nothing personal, but with a 15km event, the organiser are charging RM40 (public) and RM30 (member) respectively. I would call this a rip-off.

C'mon, even a world class event (36,000 contestants for 42km, without currency conversion) will NOT ask for this rate.

Organiser might argue lack of sponsorship, but it is its responsibility to source for financial support rather than passing the loads onto runners shoulders, else, don't organise it!

Geraaaaaam laaar....RM15 okay-laar!


runner1 said...

You dont have to join-talk so much!

wow wow said...

i support shine,
we do have the right to talk whenever we want. we do have free to talk what ever we want.
but what the consequences after the talk ,
i dunno lah......

Anonymous said...

Like that, if tax so high, you don't need to pay tax laaar!!! only cannot ah, at least let 'somebody' read it, then can pass the message maaah.....


Anonymous said...

If you pay with peanut, you get peanut.
So I suggest you confine yourself to RM10.00 registration fee races.

Anonymous said...

Problem is we pay durian, but get peanuts.

Can you ask new balance to give climacool vest of Standard Chartered quality?

Dream on.


Brad Pitt said...

Shine the Sucker!

You are so damn fully la!! Starting to fall in love with you!!

Angelina Jolie said...

Brad! What are you doing chatting? Want to die ah? Come back to bed!

Jennifer Aniston said...

You Bitch!! Bread is mine!! Spoiler!!

PMrunner said...

I suggest ban Shine from pacemakers membership.He's been creating havoc ever since joining like vulgarities in shoutbox and making fun of PACM.
Do something PM1!