Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Running wit Sunshine

Feel so tired to wake up, sumore hor... recieved sms from Teoh Mei Mei. He is not kambing due to leg sore from sunday's long run. My mood even down, lucky I hv Sunshine der Ah Chuan to accompany me for der run. Thank Thank Ah Chuan!!

No 30km Run Run
Wanted to run 30km wan, but hor.. my body say no no. So hor, me and Ah Chuan went to Sri Hartamas den back to Lake Garden + 1 loop of der lake. Then we close shop! When running wit Ah Chuan hor, I feel very difficult u know. Especially his pacing, he start very der slow like kura-kura, den slowly increase der pacing like dracula. hehehe... anyway for my running pace, I run fast in der begining, den maintain consistancely, den finishing turbo until shiet out. huhuhaha.

You know hor, i start to feel no one want to run-wit-me anymore liao. Either der pace not ngam or time not ngam. Run too fast, ppl kenot follow. Run too slow, make me even tired. Cham! Cham! Cham! Who wan to run-wit-me in future like dat?

Today Split Time:
09.5k > 52' 45.07 - from Bkt Aman to Sri Hartamas.
10.5k > 49' 11.42 - kambing bak from Hartamas to children playgrd.
02.3k > 11' 10.18 - 1 loop around der Lake Garden.

Total Time & Distance: 1hr 53mins 06sec (22.3km)

Yday I received sms from Dr. Jamie, Apek Pg, Runwitme, Kevin Chow, Justin Lee. Saying dat our pacemakers gang picture appear in the-star again, actually it juz a picture nia. Not related to our PM's story. TNS!!

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Anonymous said...

woke up so early travelled all the way from klang to there to run with you also ah zi ah zo complained so much...i normally start very slow one laar, then afterthat turbo maah, you completely i watch your bontot the first 10km, the next 10km you watch my bontot!!

You no pacing how to run marathon laaaaar....ah zi ah zo...tieeeew