Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Travel Memories wit frens of 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005

After got my serious injury in 2000 to 2001, been layoff for nearly 1 yrs. I really miss der good old day, especially travel wit frens for races on outstation event all over der state of Malaysia. From Penang, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor & Singapore.

You know wat, for year 2006 i'm going to Sarawak. First time in my life, travel by air for race, yupe der Airasia!! Yappi Dabbi Doo!!!

2002 Travel frens...
Everywhere lah - Toh Wai Kuen & Chong Chee Wah


2003 Travel frens...

Hong Leong Charity Run (Nilai - N. Sembilan)
- Rachel, Jack Toh, San Kok Keong & Lee Yoon Mian

Penang Bridge Run (Penang)
- Rachel Lee

Awana Tri-Terrain Run (Genting - Pahang)
- Rachel Lee, Angie Ng, Jack Ma & Berry Ng

Bidor (Bidor - Perak)
- Hairul Azwar, Jack Ma & Berry Ng


2004 Travel frens...

Swift Kledangthon (Menglembu - Perak)
- Azwar, Jack Ma, Berry Ng & Chen Fong Fong

Pangkor Half Marathon (Pangkor - Perak)
Rachel, Chen Fong2, KC Leong, Terence Leong & Khee Meng

MMDS-2 (Lumut - Perak)
Jack Ma, Chen Fong Fong & Wife

International Ipoh Half Marathon (Ipoh - Perak)
Rachel Lee & Jack Toh

Seremban Half Marathon (Negeri Sembilan)
Rachel Lee

MMDS-3 (Johor Bahru - Johor)
Rachel Lee, Jack Ma & Chen Li Hung

Bidor-II (Bidor - Perak)
- Tan Khee Meng, Tony Quay & Terence Leong

Roadrunners Ipoh KRI (Ipoh - Perak)
Rachel Lee, Jack Toh & Chen Fong Fong

Singapore Marathon (Singapore)
Datuk M.Yaziz


2005 Travel frens...

Nilai-Half Marathon (Nilai - N.Sembilan)
- Ryan, Justin, Jamie, Chen, Rohaizad, Ajeep, Jason & Joviet

Kuantan Nature Run (Kuantan - Pahang)
- Rachel, Ryan & Joviet Sim

International Ipoh Half Marathon (Ipoh - Perak)
- Rachel, Ryan, Jason, Ah Loong, Jacky Lo

Seremban Half Marathon (Seremban - N.Sembilan)
- Rachel Lee

Melaka Marathon (Melaka)
- Rachel, Ryan, Jason, Shine & Jack Toh

Roadrunners Ipoh KRI (Ipoh - Perak)
- Rachel, Ryan, Sim, Jason, Jack Toh, Steven Ng


2006 Travel frens...

Saberkas Marathon (Kuching - Sarawak)
- Rachel, Ryan, Sim, Draco, Jason, Shine & Runwitme

Whenever I go for outstation race, I kenot leave my Binitary (Rachel) & My Secretary
(Ryan Teoh Mei Mei) muahahahaha!!!

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