Monday, February 06, 2006

Chinese New Year Weekly Report

When : Saturday, 28th Jan 2006
Where : Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur
Distance : 10 Loops, 23.0km

Only Ronsee, Kenny Tan, Richard Habeya, Ah Loong & Dinesh turn up for der run. Jason "Fong Fei Kei" to Dinesh, so Dinesh running solo for der first 4 loops. Until we came along, so he have Ah Loong to pace with, while Ronsee, Kenny & Richard pacing together hand in hand. Dinesh started his run very early 6.45am, we started at 7.35am.

It was a wonderful run, cause Kenny do all der talking during der loops to keep away der boringness. Kenny oso suggest, "why don't we make it 10th loops instead of 9th loops?" So Ronsee & Richard oso agree wit happily. But hor, in d end Kenny kenot sustain until der last hurdles. So only Ronsee & Richard battle to d end. Richard last loop time was 9mins flat, Ronsee couldn't smell his smoke at all.

We stop for water station every 3 loops we concour, 3rd 6th & 9th. From 7th loops onwards, der weather starting to getting hotter n hotter. Everyone starting to get exhausted due to d heat factor. Anyway it was a good training for KLIM. Prepare for der worst, enjoy der race later. Not enjoy in der training, suffer in der race. Correct or not ah? hehe haha...

Before we say goodbye to each other, everyone of us shake hand n greet "Gong Xi Fa Cai".

der Loops Master :
11th loops - Dinesh Pm40
10th loops - Richard Habeya Pm36
10th loops - Ronsee Pm1
09th loops - Kenny Tan Pm27
07th loops - Ah Loong Pm37

der Split Time 2.3km per loops:
02.3km - 13' 33.40
04.6km - 12' 57.38 > 0h 26' 30.78
06.9km - 12' 41.00 > 0h 39' 11.78
09.2km - 12' 17.26 > 0h 51' 29.04
11.5km - 12' 25.81 > 1h 03' 54.85
13.8km - 12' 04.34 > 1h 15' 59.19
16.1km - 11' 58.44 > 1h 27' 57.63
18.4km - 11' 52.06 > 1h 39' 49.69
20.7km - 11' 36.99 > 1h 51' 26.68
23.0km - 10' 38.74 > 2h 02' 05.42

ps: I recieved sms wishes from Jamie Pang, Abdul Haris, John Tan, Justin Lee, Tan Chee Wee, Yong Chuan Teik, Chee Kai Mun, Chin Pg, Felicia Leong. Thank You very much guys!! Really appreciate it.

When : Sunday, 29th Jan 2006
Where : Jinjang Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Why : Chinese New Year 1st day Celebration

"Gong Hei Fatt Choy"

Today is der 1st day of Chinese New Year, no running but eat drink watch movie & sleep. Too bad, no gambling for me. Uhuk.. uhuk..

Wishing You & your family a very happy Gong Xi Fa Cai. Sum Siong See Seng, Man See Yue Ee, Sun Thy Kin Hong, Sun Yi Heng Loong & more abundance in d year of Dog. Bark! Bark!

ps: I recieved sms wishes from Raymond Hee Hee Ha Ha, Faizal Ramlee, Joviet Sim, Patrick Low, Elora Ong, Germaine Ong, Kevin Chow, Rohaizad & Ryan Teoh.Tey Eng Tiong, Lim Pueh Tian, Eric Teo, Jason Lim, Cherie Fong, Lee Weng Khong, Tan Khee Meng & Jacky Lo. Thank You very much guys!!
Really appreciate it.

When : Monday, 30th Jan 2006
Where : Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur
Distance : 10 Loops, 23.0km

This time only Ronsee & Ah Loong come for der long run, as usual they started very late 7.30am & target for 10th loops around der lake. 10th loops again? Yupe, seriously! Eventho there is no pacer for Ronsee, yet he still manage to better his timing compare to last saturday he did together wit Kenny & Richard.

Ronsee also said "Ah actually ah, I want to dip below 2hrs for my 10th lapper. So ah, my plan is to chase Ah Loong lor. Make sure I finish my 10th laps, b4 Ah Loong finish his 9th laps mah" And that is how Ronsee break der mental strenght.

As for Ah Loong, alto he manage to complete 10th loops, but official timing is 9th loops. For der last lap, he couldnt take it anymore. He walk almost der whole entire lake, reason is due to der heat factor. His 10th laps take almost 25mins plus. Anyway he still did better compare to last saturday.

der Loops Master :
10th loops - 1hr 59min 53.58sec > Ronsee Pm1
09th loops - 2hr 01min 43.66sec > Ah Loong Pm37

der Split Time 2.3km per loops:
02.3km - 13' 27.87
04.6km - 12' 47.40 > 0h 26' 15.27
06.9km - 12' 31.28 > 0h 38' 46.55
09.2km - 12' 13.38 > 0h 50' 59.93
11.5km - 11' 57.81 > 1h 02' 57.01
13.8km - 11' 46.62 > 1h 14' 45.63
16.1km - 11' 41.82 > 1h 26' 27.45
18.4km - 11' 32.67 > 1h 38' 00.12
20.7km - 11' 21.86 > 1h 49' 21.98
23.0km - 10' 31.60 > 1h 59' 53.58

Total Distance Cover : 23.0km

Water station stop @ 4th, 7th & 9th.
Recovery Drink : Gatorade

Today Ronsee & family also went to Chinese Temple located at Jeruntung, from Kepong to Banting is 68km. Stay tune der beautiful pictures.

ps: I recieved sms wishes from Lim Siew Yeang & Peter Goh. Thank You very much guys!! Really appreciate it.

When : Tuesday, 31st Jan 2006
Where : Bayan Baru, Penang
Why : Back to hometown

"Balik Kampung... oh ho ho Balik Kampung"

Ronsee & family start their journey to Penang as early as 6.00am, there is no jam. Highway very smooth like heaven, but Penang island very der heavy jam like shiet.

We also went to Kek Lok Si, Sam Poh Thong Temple, War Muzium, Snake Temple, Batu Ferringhi & Gurney Drive. Tired! Tired! Ronsee pensan to bed at 12.30am.

Wednesday, 1st Feb 2006

Ronsee wake up 8am, breakfast at Taman Lip Sin. Then they went to Botanical Garden (see monkey), Sleeping Buddha Temple & Komtar. Der world is so small, they even meet Dr Jamie & family at Sleeping Buddha Temple.

Ronsee & family start journey back to Kuala Lumpur from 2.00pm to 8pm, traffik very very der jam lah!!

"Balik Kampung... oh ho ho Balik Kampung"

When : Thursday, 1st Feb 2006
Where : Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur
Distance : 10 Loops, 23.0km

This time got Ronsee, Ah Loong & Joviet Sim (special guest). As usual Ronsee & Ah Loong target for 10th loops again, Joviet target 5 loops. And they started their run at 7.45am, weather still cooling n fresh. After 2 days of resting & carbo loading from CNY, Ronsee thot he oredi out of form. But he got it wrong, he manage to do better again.

Ronsee said "Wahlaueh!! You know oh, among all der loops I run. Today is der hardest wan, I nearly wanted to give up liao in der last laps, cinya Juak man! (mean hot), but since it was der last kopek, i give everything i have lah."

der Loops Master :
10th loops - 1hr 58min 23.44sec > Ronsee Pm1
09th loops - 2hr 05min 26.84sec > Ah Loong Pm37
06th loops - 0hr 00min 00.00sec > Joviet Sim Pm25

der Split Time 2.3km per loops:
02.3km - 12' 51.22
04.6km - 12' 24.78 > 0h 25' 16.00
06.9km - 12' 14.96 > 0h 37' 30.96
09.2km - 12' 05.94 > 0h 49' 36.90
11.5km - 11' 52.81 > 1h 01' 29.71
13.8km - 11' 41.53 > 1h 13' 11.24
16.1km - 11' 31.98 > 1h 24' 43.22
18.4km - 11' 30.94 > 1h 36' 14.16
20.7km - 11' 15.53 > 1h 47' 29.69
23.0km - 10' 53.75 > 1h 58' 23.44

Total Distance Cover : 23.0km

Water station stop @ 3th, 6th & 9th.
Recovery Drink : Gatorade

7.30pm Ryan Teoh & Jantzen Tey visit Ronsee for CNY gathering.

Friday, 3rd Feb 2006

No Running - Rest

8.00pm Jason Lim, Ah Loong & Ah Chuan visit Ronsee for CNY gathering.

When : Saturday, 4th Feb 2006
Where : KLCC Park, Kuala Lumpur
Why : Run for Terence (RFT)
Distance : 8 Laps, 10.4km

A total of 30++ of ppl turn out for Terence Charity Run or RFT, mostly all are from Pacestters member. Even former PACM president Mr. Wan Yew Leong also turn out by our surprise. The event started at 8am but runners already arrived as ealry as 7am. Some did their own run before join der RFT. There is also a big group of photos session going on, runners who make donation aslo received a souviner gift. The biggest contibution to Terence was Miss Jenny Lim & family.

For those who cant make it on RFT, and you already make donation to Terence. Pls collect your souviner gift either from Jamie, Ronsee & Tey Eng Tiong.

Ronsee split time 1.3km per lap:
7' 19.18
7' 09.87 > 14' 29.05
7' 06.32 > 21' 35.37
6' 57.18 > 28' 32.55
6' 39.93 > 35' 12.48
6' 38.85 > 41' 51.33
6' 34.78 > 48' 26.11
6' 12.76 > 54' 38.87

After RFT, Ronsee & Rachel went to Tampin (Seremban) for family dinner. Back to KL only on sunday evening. Lucky there is no jam on going & coming back for them.

When : Sunday, 5th Feb 2006
Where : Kg Pandan, Kuala Lumpur
Why : Chan Chee Seng Open House
Time : 6.30pm

Ronsee, Rachel, Ryan & Ah Loong were invited by Mr. Chan for his open house dinner. Also invited by Mr Chan are, Azwar Pm3, Ah Wah Pm9, Jack Toh Pm14, Yong Chuan Teik, Lee Chin, Seah Leong Hooi, Jacky Lo, Chee Kai Mun, Chin Loong, Freddy Tang & blah.. blah.. blah...

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